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Portrait of Frida Kahlo ant Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Feel empowered with the women of DreamArt

Today is a special day for we are celebrating the women of the world on #InternationalWomensDay2022. Both in the world of photography, as well as at our company, women have had a very notable impact.

Here’s something you might not know: 
DreamArt Photography was co-founded in 2006 by Sharon, our own trailblazer in the photography industry, and having powerful women in leadership positions has been a common feature at DreamArt ever since.


For International Women’s Day this year, we wanted to show solidarity for the #BreakTheBias movement. Women have been pushing the boundaries in the photography and art worlds for decades, offering unique perspectives that were previously unseen.
An example of this is none other than Frida Kahlo, who routinely broke gender biases throughout her entire life. She is an artist who tackled brutally honest subject matter, giving an honest depiction of her experience as a woman.
We spoke to several #WomenOfDreamArt, who shared some thoughts about this important day in our history, and about how they break the bias on a daily basis.

Why we look up to Frida Kahlo

Being based in Mexico, we hold its roots close to our hearts. Who better to feature on International Women’s Day, than the folk art hero and symbol of Mexican tradition herself: Frida Kahlo. She was the embodiment of defiance in a gender-biased society, and her adversity in the face of hardship has cemented her place as one of our time’s biggest role models.

A little-known fact that is of particular interest to us, is that Kahlo was herself a passionate photographer. She held a lifelong infatuation with the art, fostered by her father, he too an established lensman. She would later apply the processes and techniques she inherited to her self portraits, and used them to project her aesthetic to the world.
Her self-portraits, which she described as “the frankest expression of myself”, commonly featured her traditionally ‘masculine’ features. She would exaggerate the appearance of her famous monobrow and dark top lip, in contrast to her carefully constructed, ‘feminine’, ensembles, embracing her whole authentic self. The costumes she wore and represented in her self portraits championed her individuality.
Kahlo held no desire to fit in – she was one of the first to challenge conventional gender roles. She was openly bisexual in a time where this still carried great stigma, and she would sometimes wear eccentric three piece suits for family photos. Her life was plagued with health issues, and her work carried an ever-present air of despair. She acknowledged her hardships, but refused to be defined by them.
We are grateful for the standard she has set for all modern women. Without women like her sculpting the path and breaking barriers, the art and photography worlds would look very different today. Her individuality encourages us to celebrate our uniqueness, regardless of judgement.


Portrait of our co workers at DreamArt Photography


Like Frida Kahlo, DreamArt also celebrates uniqueness and individuality through Art, and loves to empower women through the medium of photography. Our #WomenOfDreamArt family encompasses every woman associated with DreamArt, be it our longest-running team members or our highly-valued one-time customers. We are so thankful for all the strong and powerful women that make up our family. We spoke to some of them ahead of IWD to hear their thoughts about the day.

IWD to me means celebrating women around the world and reminding ourselves that, ‘Yes we can achieve greatness, especially if we support one another and believe in our abilities’“, said Emilie, our Head of Marketing. “Women are more than beautiful, we are smart and it’s cool to be smart.” She added, “I was lucky to grow up with a strong businesswoman for a mother and role model, one who showed me there are no limits to what I can achieve.

Emilie has been going from strength to strength at DreamArt Photography, and when asked how she celebrated her success, she said, in a joyful tone, “Now when I get a win, I take myself out to dinner and there’s nothing more empowering.

Our Marketing & Quality Content Manager, Ana, believes that the fact we have had to create a day for women is bittersweet. “IWD is a commemoration of a tragedy. Women shouldn’t have had to claim Labor Rights in the first place”, she said.

The biggest challenge I faced was to leave my home country. The first few years were very hard, but I managed thanks to my work ethic and desire to improve.” It has not always been smooth sailing for Ana, but her strong drive to succeed inspires a positive and creative mood behind the scenes. “I have never had anyone teach me anything” she said, when asked who her biggest mentor was, “though I have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who have helped me at various stages of my life, both personally and professionally,” she added.

Empowering Our Clients

Several #WomenOfDreamArt in the spotlight have shared how comfortable and beautiful they felt during their photoshoots with us, and their accounts are heartwarming. As we strive to empower women, we couldn’t ask for better feedback. Our favorites were:

  • “You made me feel pretty, comfortable and fun at the same time.”
  • “Age is just a number. This photo makes me feel beautiful at this stage of my life.”
  • “As a woman, I feel powerful and happy. It is important for women to accept their unique qualities. Women have the power to change the world.”

A particular highlight was Mrs. Kent’s shoot. It’s clear to see, looking at the photos below, how wearing one of her favorite colors gave her confidence. Her personality shines through, and she exudes happiness.

This was a note left by a member of our team: “Mrs. Kent loves the color gold, she used to wear it all the time. Her bright yellow dress is as great as the beautiful smile she gave us in this picture.”

Mrs. Kent with an amazing yellow dress at Grand Velas Los Cabos

Behind the camera is our very own Lifestyle photographer from Puerto Vallarta, Victoria. We spoke with her about why she loves photography. A specialist in storytelling, she is an expert at making women feel comfortable during sessions, and knows how best to capture their inner beauty.

“I freeze the moment that makes it worthwhile” says Victoria, of her documentary style photoshoots. “I truly believe that everything is ephemeral, unique and beautiful.”

“With a focus on detail, and with the greatest spontaneity, my photos tell your story,” she added. “My goal is to convey emotion and for you to love yourself in each photo”.

To round off this post, we have a special message dedicated to all of the unique and beautiful women we look up to around the world:

“I would like to give a very special mention to the #WomenOfDreamArt.

You continuously show strength and dedication, you inspire and nurture without bias or prejudice. You are positive in times of difficulty and open-minded in times of change, always striving to improve things for everyone.

You encourage, motivate and bring out the best in us all.

Ladies, you are an inspiration! We celebrate you today and every day!”

— Sharon, Co-founder —

From all of us at DreamArt Photography, we wish you the very best International Women’s Day, and we can’t wait to see you for a session soon.

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