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bridesmaids with green dress

Summer Lovin': the Latest Wedding Trends for a Stylish and Memorable Celebration

Looking for a way to make your special day on-trend with current themes, yet also make sure it is personal and unique to you? Want to include some summer-inspo in your destination wedding but not quite sure how to go about it?

In this blog we’ll be breaking down the freshest summer wedding trends on the scene, and explaining how you can implement them into your special day without it being overkill. Sit back and let the imminent summer breeze from your upcoming Mexican-Caribbean wedding inspire you, and take some of our top tips as experienced Wedding Photographers in the industry…

newlyweds walking at the beach at Los Cabos

1. Earth Tones

We are currently seeing a big shift in eco-living and embracing Mother Nature, so why not incorporate this theme into your wedding day?

Paying homage to nature and greenery through an earthy color palette is an amazing way to make your wedding more up-to-date with the times, and it also provides a stunning contrast to the vibrant blues of the Mexican-Caribbean sea and sky!

Maintain whites and metallics in your color scheme but incorporate shades of olive or hunter green to diversify the vibe of your wedding, and get some breath-taking photos where the colors really pop!


Wedding table decorationPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

bride and her fatherPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

2. Mid-day Ceremonies

So, it’s obvious that your wedding day is going to be a long and jam-packed day, filled with laughing and chatting, dancing and drinking…but have you ever thought this might be a bit much to squeeze into the space of an afternoon and evening?

That’s where this wedding trend comes in - and it’s perfect for summer weddings as you can really make the most of the natural light… mid-morning ceremonies!

If you’re partial to getting your forty-winks in, then this is the perfect option for you, as hosting a morning ceremony allows you and your guests to rest up before the big after-party in the evening; meaning you’ll definitely have a full tank of energy and be ready to rumble ;)

This type of ceremony approach was common in the 20th century, with celebs such as Jackie and John Kennedy and British Royals opting for a morning ceremony.

couple in the gazeboPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

 couple gazebo beach palacePhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

3. Wild Welcome Parties

Another one for those thinking of tying the knot in an exotic, hot and sunny location - a wild welcome party to really get the vacation wedding vibe started!

You can really make these parties personal to your chosen wedding location, if you’re in the luscious Mexican-Caribbean, then why not opt for a Mariachi-band beach party on the golden sands?

Or, if you’re after something a bit grungier then how about a Day of the Dead inspired cocktail party?

The options are endless with all the vibrancy on offer of Mexican culture. It’s the perfect, more-relaxed option to start off your dreamy-vacay wedding and will definitely be more warmly received than a more formal, serious rehearsal dinner.

Welcome partyPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Mariachis at the weddingPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

4. Statement Aisles

Now, although you may not think it, the aisle should be one of the centre-pieces of your big day. After all, this is where you make your big entrance! It’s the first place your friends and family will see you in your special dress, the first place you’ll set eyes on your bride or groom, and of course the place where you officially tie the knot! So let’s make sure you have a spectacular grand entrance and all eyes are on you, from every angle.

Embrace beachy vibes with a curved, driftwood aisle, or how about a more contemporary ‘S-Shaped’ aisle? You can even switch it up and walk solo down the first half of the half, to then be greeted by your mother or father (or whoever else you choose to walk you down).

Group photo at the beachPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

South asian wedding at Beach PalacePhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

5. Color

If you’re travelling all the way to the bright tropics of the Mexican-Caribbean then you’ll want to make the most of a rich and vibrant color scheme!

Now, you don’t want to go too over-board and make it tacky, but incorporating a splash of colour into bridesmaids’ dresses, bridal bouquet, centrepieces and any other decoration pieces will really brighten up your wedding decor and again look great in photos!

Bridesmaids orange dressPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

chairs with decorationPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Group photo at the beachPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

6. Intimate Ceremonies

Nowadays our life is so full of big, public displays of affection, and with social media ruling our lives and meaning we are often prompted to share every intimate detail of our relationships and daily activities, have you ever considered you might prefer a smaller, more private wedding ceremony?

If the idea of a smaller party appeals to you, then this is really the time to embrace this trend. This doesn’t mean that you have to go all out and elope, but if you opt for a smaller wedding party then you will have more funds and resources to throw an epic reception party once you are legally wed.

And if you’re opting for a smaller wedding and a bigger party, then don’t forget to make sure you have an epic Wedding Photographer! The ceremony pictures will be even more important if you opt for a smaller gathering as your family and friends will be wanting to see all the special moments in photo form! And of course the after-party will need to be captured in all its glory as it’s the time when everyone comes together to celebrate the happy couple.

gazebo at JW Marriott CancunPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

bride with his baby during the ceremonyPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

wedding receptionPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

7. Over-the-Top Cakes and Cake Toppers

We all know minimalism is in, but if there’s one way you want to consider going over the top for your wedding it’s the cake! This sweet treat is the perfect way to finish your night and the best way to leave a good taste of your wedding in your guests’ mouth. Make it big and bold and match your cake to your wedding design - you can even personalize it by adding fun toppers (why not a topper of your beloved dog Barney seeing as he couldn’t be there on your big day) or a family heirloom to make sure you’re hitting that ‘something borrowed’ element.

cake topperPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

cake topper day of the deathPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Cake topperPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

8. Doing it for the Tok vs for the Gram

We’ve already seen “getting ready” TikToks blow up, videos where brides document the intricate getting-ready process for their special day and so have a beautiful memory of the ins and outs of their big day. Buttt, the next big trend that’s about to be seen is ‘Looking back on 2023’ with highlight videos! These video reels will be the perfect addition to your gram as they offer you a complete, collective and stunningly-artistic way to document your year and all the beautiful memories you experienced! * Cough cough * that’s your wedding we’re talking about! Make sure to choose DreamArt as your Wedding Photographers if you want to be on point with this wedding trend as we even have our very own social-media creative expert to craft your perfect reel!

backlight photo picturePhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

And there you have it! Eight summer wedding trends that will help you craft a stunning and unique wedding, that is also true to its time period and reflecting all your favorite on- fashion themes.

With these top trends, you’re sure to create an unforgettable day that will be enjoyed by all.

And a DreamArt Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Tulum, Vallarta or Cancun photographer can help you never forget it! Get in touch with DreamArt Photography today and see how we can capture make your wedding photography timeless.


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