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The Secret to our Art

DreamArt prides itself on delivering the best. At the heart of our product lies the masterminds behind the lens. The secret to our artists’ exquisite work? All our artists are trained in L’Academie, a framework that instills DreamArt’s gold-standard expectations in our art, product and service in luxury hospitality, teaching them the DreamArt way. Those who join us on this journey gain access to the complex recipe for DreamArt’s 5-star services.

How L'Academie works...

1. Become a master of time and service

The first step is becoming a master of time. For example, we teach our photographers how to divide the session to fully optimise and vary the time spent in the lifestyle shoot, which lasts just 45 minutes. Photographers have limited time to capture the perfect moment, so it’s vital to keep the balance between being creative but also focus on the classic shots that we know customers love.

2. Learn to capture the perfect shot

Our photographers train to master angles, light and their equipment - they learn to work the light manually, playing with the ISO, shutter speed and aperture of their camera settings. Add in subjects, and it becomes about capturing Real Emotion, our signature product. This is the art of making our clients feel things, and it's how we can initiate natural, emotional interactions between loved ones.
L'Academie provides our photographers with the skills to capture this in the cleanest, most powerful way possible.

3. Put it all into practice

Theory done and dusted, our artists begin a mentoring process led by our Artistic Director. After shadowing real-time sessions, the photographers then mirror and transfer what they've learned in exercises and sessions of their own. Finally, they recieve feedback on their photos from our Artistic Director.

4. Become an editing expert

After training in the field, all our photographers are trained to the highest level in lightroom and photoshop edition.

Interested in pursuing a career in luxury photography?

L’Academie produces the best luxury lifestyle photographers out there. And the next one could be you!

“Where we differ as a company is how we make the client feel in front of the camera and how they interact with each-other; we are able to capture real emotion. We make clients feel things and interact with each-other in a natural way and we have the skills to capture that in the cleanest, most powerful way possible - this is where the competition falls short.”

– Head of Artistic Direction, Training and Concept Development.