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Welcome from your Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica photographers! We love this luxurious all-inclusive resort nestled on the vibrant Guanacaste coast. It offers a serene escape for families, couples, and friends with its 447 elegantly appointed suites, each providing tranquil luxury amidst breathtaking views of turquoise waters and emerald forests. Dreams Las Mareas not only promises indulgence and adventure but also commits to eco-friendly practices, ensuring the preservation of Costa Rica's wild beauty.

And as every unforgettable moment deserves to be captured, DreamArt Photography is on-site to immortalize the unique essence of your stay or your special occasion with our Lifestyle photoshoot experience, or your Big Day with our Wedding services. At Dreams Las Mareas, we create memories that last a lifetime.

Lifestyle Experience

Our 45-minute Lifestyle session isn't just a photoshoot, it's a fun experience during which we'll create memories of your magical stay at Dreams Las Mareas you'll cherish forever!

Our Lifestyle photographers are experts at drawing out genuine emotion and joy. Whether it's a playful piggyback ride on the beach, dancing like no one's watching with a beautiful hotel backdrop, or even getting splashed by the ocean, every photo brims with authenticity. And if you have little ones? Get ready for a fun-filled play session that captures their infectious energy on camera.

After the photoshoot, a friendly DreamArt representative will meet with you to unveil 80-150 heart-warming photos of your unforgettable session.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite memories, your photos will be delivered to you on a luxury USB and via your very own private online gallery. You'll also be able to get your hands on our luxury photo books or purchase prints, canvases and more through your gallery.

Wedding Services

If you're reading this, congratulations on your engagement! Now, imagine your dream wedding unfolding at the beautiful Dreams Las Mareas resort, where every detail, from the delicate lace of your dress to the joyous tears of your guests, is captured with unmatched elegance and care. Our team, having captured over 4,000 beautiful love stories, brings a wealth of experience to your day, ensuring that the essence of your celebration is immortalized beyond the highest standards of the luxury wedding industry.

Whether you're intimately exchanging vows under a sunset or sharing your first dance surrounded by those you hold dear, our experts are with you every step of the way, ready to capture the depth of your love and the joy of your special day. This is more than our profession; it's our passion. Get in touch, we'd love to hear more about your dream wedding photos and videos!

Hotel Spotlight: Dreams Las Mareas

  • The Location: Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is beautifully situated in the majestic wilderness of the Guanacaste region, where the forest meets the sea along golden sand beaches.
  • The Vibe: At Dreams Las Mareas, the atmosphere is woven from threads of adventure, relaxation, and eco-conscious luxury.
  • The USP: Its unique blend of adventure and leisure in an eco-friendly setting. Not only does it offer a picturesque beachfront location, but it also invites guests of all ages to enjoy its world-class amenities.
  • All-Inclusive? Indeed. The all-inclusive experience at Dreams Las Mareas is about seamless enjoyment and luxury. With an array of dining options, unlimited top-shelf beverages, and an endless list of activities and entertainment, every aspect is thoughtfully arranged for your delight.
  • Who? Dreams Las Mareas welcomes families, couples, and groups seeking a vibrant backdrop for their holiday stories. The hotel crafts its luxurious experience to be inclusive, offering something special for guests of every age, from the youngest adventurers to the wisest of souls.

The Experience

Each moment at Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is crafted to perfection, promising a stay that’s as unforgettable as it is luxurious. From the adrenaline of water sports to serene spa days under the canopy, every experience is tailored to dazzle luxury travelers and family vacationers alike. AND we hear the entertainment staff is fantastic! Imagine charismatic guides, attentive bartenders, and captivating entertainers. They orchestrate your happiest moments, turning your getaway into a mosaic of unforgettable memories. Trust them to elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.


Every day is a canvas of possibilities, waiting for your brushstroke. Below are the myriad activities you can partake in, each offering its own unique flavor of excitement and relaxation.

  • Eco-Adventures: Explore the lush tropical forests on guided eco-tours, where the flora and fauna of Costa Rica come alive.
  • Water Sports: Engage in exhilarating water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing trips, as you glide over the crystal-clear waters.
  • Spa Services: Indulge in world-class spa treatments designed to rejuvenate your body and soul amidst the serene beauty of nature.
  • Yoga and Fitness: Participate in yoga sessions on the beach or make use of our state-of-the-art fitness center to stay on top of your wellness goals.
  • Volcano Tours: Embark on an adventure to nearby volcanoes, experiencing the awe-inspiring power of nature up close.
  • Lifestyle Photoshoot: DreamArt Photography, the in-house Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica photographers, offer a fun, unforgettable experience promising to capture you and your loved ones against the backdrop of the resort's breathtaking locations.

The Suites & Rooms

The Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica's 447 elegant accommodations offer unparalleled comfort and style. Framed by panoramic views of emerald forests and crystal-clear waters, each room becomes the perfect backdrop for your memory-making.

Each meticulously designed room at Dreams Las Mareas is not just a space to lay your head but a treasure trove of amenities tailored for the discerning traveler. Here’s a sneak peek into what elevates your stay from ordinary to extraordinary:

  • Luxurious Bedding: Slip into the softness of premium linens and plush pillows, promising dreams filled with adventure and romance.
  • Private Balcony or Terrace: Your secret viewport to paradise, perfect for witnessing the symphony of colors at sunrise or toasting to the scarlet hues of sunset.
  • Complimentary Mini-Bar: A treasure chest replenished daily with refreshing beverages and gourmet snacks, because the delights at Dreams Las Mareas know no bounds.
  • Spa-Quality Bath Amenities: Indulge in personal pampering with our exclusive bath products, turning every shower or bath into a spa-like experience.
  • Smart TV & Wi-Fi: Stay connected with the world, if you must, or plunge into a movie night with crystal-clear visuals and seamless streaming.
  • 24-Hour Room Service: Whether it’s a midnight craving or a sunrise breakfast, your wish is our command, served at any hour with a smile.

Remember your stay forever with a photoshoot with DreamArt Photography, your Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica photographers!


Feast your senses on a delicious dining adventure, where every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Here's a sneak peek into the Dreams Las Mareas' exclusive dining options, each promising a taste of ecstasy that's reserved for their cherished guests.

  • Oceana | Seafood
    Prepare to be whisked away on a seafood odyssey, where the freshest catch meets culinary creativity in a setting overlooking endless ocean vistas.
  • Portofino | Italian
    A clandestine gem for the discerning palate, offering an exquisite exploration of Italian classics with a modern twist.
  • Seaside Grill | Grill
    A light à la carte meal for lunch, tropical cocktails, and delicious premium cuts.
  • Himitsu | Pan-Asian
    A covert rendezvous point for lovers of Pan-Asian cuisine, offering thrilling Chinese, Japanese, and Thai delicacies that tantalize your taste buds.
  • El Patio | Mexican
    Whispered among those who cherish authentic Mexican flavors, El Patio brings the vibrant spirit and tastes of Mexico to your table.
  • World Café | International Buffet
    The not-so-hidden haven for global gourmands, featuring an extensive buffet that invites you on a culinary tour around the world.
  • Coco Café | Cafe The clandestine corner for coffee aficionados, offering the finest brews and pastries in an ambiance that's as inviting as the coffee aroma.
  • Barefoot Grill | Grill
    The secret spot for casual, beachside dining where you can savor grilled specialties with your toes nestled in the sand.

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your next vacation. With its great dining options, stunning landscapes, remarkable experiences, and commitment to sustainability, this is an unmissable hotel experience.

And during this luxury getaway, we’re sure you’ll want to capture memories to tell generations to come. With over 64,000 photoshoots in the bag, you can trust us to make your stay timeless with our 5-star Lifestyle experience.

So what are you waiting for? Book a photoshoot today with DreamArt Photography, your Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica photographer!


Or if you've recently decided to say "Yes!" (or are just about to pop the question) and are beginning to dream up your perfect wedding, Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica is the destination you've been searching for. Imagine your wedding day set against the stunning backdrop of Costa Rica's enchanting landscape, where the lush jungle meets pristine beaches at this luxurious resort. Dreams Las Mareas offers an unforgettable setting for you, your significant other, and all your loved ones to celebrate your special day. If you're dreaming of a wedding in this slice of paradise, get in touch with us to capture every moment! We're here to ensure every detail is perfect and every memory is beautifully preserved on your incredible journey.

Chat with our Wedding Coordinator and book us as your Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica wedding photographer today!