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Pride and Joy: Celebrating Love at LGBTQ+ Weddings in Mexico

Pride and Joy: Celebrating Love at LGBTQ+ Weddings in Mexico

Love is love, and when it comes to celebrating that special bond between two people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, Mexico provides the perfect backdrop. From sandy beaches to majestic mountainsides—and everything in-between—Mexico serves up a stunning stage for your wedding ceremony.

However, from finding the perfect venue, to selecting vendors who embrace the LGBTQ+ community, there are a fair few things to consider when planning your wedding in Mexico.

So, in this blog post we’ll explore all aspects of planning a unique and beautiful queer wedding in this incredible country, and break down all the essential steps (i.e. the legal requirements) to be able to legally tie the knot!

Read on as we explore all you need to know about planning an unforgettable LGBTQ+ nuptial getaway south of the border!

Wedding Reception fireworks same sex weddingPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

first dance wedding same sexPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

What you should know before searching for a vendor for your Queer Wedding in Mexico:

  • Consider Local Opinions and research LGBTQ+-friendly Wedding Venues:

One of the most important things to do whilst planning a queer wedding in Mexico is to take into account the local culture, and any associated opinions on same-sex marriages. Although Mexico is fairly supportive of same-sex marriage, (in fact it is legal in all 32 states of Mexico), unfortunately certain individuals and communities may still have resistance towards same-sex relationships, and therefore it is important to make sure you opt for a wedding venue that is LGBTQ+ friendly, as some establishments may still receive backlash for hosting queer weddings.

  • Be aware of any additional costs:

Another important step to note is researching any additional costs that may be associated with a queer wedding in Mexico; this includes obtaining visas and any travel expenses. After all, you don’t want to have blown your budget on your dream reception and then realise you’ve not got any buck left over to be able to actually legally get married!

We recommend looking for experienced vendors who have worked with LGBTQ+ couples before, as they will be more familiar with any potential legal issues and ramifications that may arise and it will make your life a wholeeee lot easier.

It is also essential that you research the laws of each state you plan to visit while searching for wedding vendors, as they may vary in how they interpret LGBTQ+ rights.

girls celebration marriage same sexPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

The Legal Requirements:

1) Legal documents:

Of course, to be able to say you are legally married it is crucial that all legal documents are in order before you start the marriage process. This usually means a birth certificate and/or passport, as well as any additional paperwork required by the venue or country of residence.

U.S Citizens - For U.S. citizens, marrying in Mexico requires getting an apostille from the Secretary of State confirming that both parties were legally free to marry at the time of the ceremony.

2) Tax filing:

Prior to marriage, couples should also speak to an experienced LGBTQ+ attorney or certified public accountant about tax filing, and how it will differ from heterosexual couples.

3) Staying in Mexico after tying-the-knot:

While same-sex marriages are legally recognized in Mexico, foreign partners must obtain a fiancé visa if they want to stay in Mexico after being married.

4) Checking any objections from the Wedding Venue:

Again, although same-sex marriage is legal in Mexico, couples should research their desired wedding venue and make sure it does not have any discriminatory policies against same-sex weddings before booking it.

wedding ceremonyPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Choosing the Perfect Venue for your Queer Wedding in Mexico:

  • Get inspired by venues that have previously hosted LGBTQ weddings:

Of course, your wedding venue is one of the most important parts of your big day, so you don’t want to be running into any complications with the venue hosting a queer wedding. We suggest researching venues that have hosted LGBTQ+ weddings in the past and contact any couples who have used their services for recommendations. This way you can also ensure the staff at the venue are comfortable and knowledgeable about hosting LGBTQ+ weddings.

  • Select a venue with plenty of space for your guest list, catering, and entertainment.

Right, so this one’s important if you don’t want have to squish your great-aunt Sally into the corner of table 7 where she’s backed right up against the wall. If you know you’re going to be wanting to host a big wedding, then your venue needs to match in grandeur. Make sure you make a note of your guest list and that your venue is big enough to accommodate all those lovely guests, space for the cake, and extra room for dancing!

cake on the face wedding same sexPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

  • Look for a venue with a beautiful backdrop such as a beachfront or mountain view.

So, you’re getting married in Mexico, so an epic view is a non-negotiable necessity. Seriously, do we even have to mention this? Make sure your venue provides a beautiful backdrop for your amazing wedding photography pics and we’ll make sure all your wedding shots are A-Class ;)

  • The specific details

A few reminders for things to consider before booking your venue: ensure you check the length of time it will take to travel from your chosen venue to the ceremony and reception locations - if you’re planning on having them at different locations (don’t want to be late to your own venue and miss the first round of champagne!). Andddd don’t forget to ask about any additional costs for amenities such as tables, chairs, lighting, sound systems, etc.

  • Last but not least…

Check out some of our partner hotels that have hosted beautiful LGBTQ+ Weddings! They’re definitely a perfect fit for your special day.

Have a look at all the stunning, luxury hotels we have lounges at in different areas across Mexico:

~ Vidanta, Riviera Maya

~ Valentin Imperial, Riviera Maya

~ Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Cancún

~ Marquis, Los Cabos

~ Vidanta, Los Cabos

~ Grand Fiesta Americana, Los Cabos

If you’re thinking of holding your wedding somewhere else, no worries, we can come to you! We offer Wedding Photography Services across the Riviera Maya/Cancún area, Los Cabos, Vallarta and Tulum. Get in contact with one of our Wedding Photography Experts and let’s start planning your vision for perfect Wedding photography… GET IN CONTACT


How to make sure your Queer Wedding in Mexico is unique:

Your wedding is sure to be the most significant and wonderful day of your life, but how do you really make a splash with your special occasion and stick out from the crowd?

  • Make sure you choose DreamArt Photography as your Wedding Photographers! We’re some of the most innovative, creative and high-quality photographers and videographers in the Wedding photography game, and we will definitely make sure your wedding photography is stunning, unique, and most importantly reflects all the quirks of you and your partner!
  • Why not think about incorporating elements from local Mexican culture into your wedding ceremony? From including typical decorations, to hiring a Mexican Mariachi band, there’s certainly a number of ways you can really let the unique culture and traditions of your wedding setting bring a splash of variation to the traditional wedding of your culture. You could even choose to add a traditional Mexican dish or dessert to the menu, such as churros with cajeta or flan de leche.
  • Include colourful flower arrangements and costumes to create a flamboyant atmosphere - tying the knot in Mexico definitely requires a lot of colour and vibrance!
  • Get creative with the dress-code and encourage your guests to include colour, unique fashion statements and maybe even a bit of Mexican fashion on your big day! You can even spice up the seating chart by using fun name tags and Mexican-inspired table decorations.

cheers wedding same sex puerto vallartaPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Cheers wedding same sex Puerto VallartaPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

wedding same sex at Grand Hyatt Playa del CarmenPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

How we can help you:

At DreamArt we are always striving to understand more about the field we work in and to learn from the experts. That’s why we were delighted to be awarded ‘The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Wedding Experience’ certificate by Queer Weddings Mexico after our attendance at their event in September 2022. This event allowed us to learn from a multitude of speakers’ first-hand experiences: from wedding planners to designers, each was an expert in their field and speaking from experience as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Together with this certification we feel empowered as an allied company to celebrate love without labels, and we would love it if you chose us to help celebrate and capture your love!

Book your Wedding Photography Consultation here:

Wedding queer mexicoPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

LGBTQ+ certification queer weddingsPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

queer wedding certification mexicoPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

So, that’s it from us! Keep in mind all our tips and get ready for the best day of your life in this incredibly vibrant and diverse country… From selecting the perfect venue, to celebrating love and commitment between two people regardless of gender or sexual orientation in a culture that values inclusivity and diversity, Mexico is the ideal place to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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