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Engagement shooting at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

8 stunning places to pop the question in Mexico

Getting engaged will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable days of your life. Figuring out the the when, the how and the where is no short feat, we’re sure many can relate to that. The good news is that in an internet age like this, there is infinite engagement inspo accessible at the tips of your fingers. That said, while some are serious contenders, take note that others should be avoided. At all costs…

Times Square? Overdone. Valentines Day? As unoriginal as you can get. How about in a sports arena on the Kiss Cam? Personally, I think it’s just a bit embarrassing…plus MAJOR second-hand embarrassment for the whole stadium if its a ‘No’. And the BIGGEST no no of all time: popping the question on someone else’s wedding day. That’s bad.

One of my best friends was recently proposed to with a haribo ring at yep, you’ve guessed it, the land of Mickey mouse ears. Outside the gates of Space Mountain. Could you get any more cliché? And unless you’re both die hard (and I mean DIE HARD) Disney fans, then Disney Land, EPCOT, Disney World, Magic Kingdom - or simply anywhere where adults in Mickey mouse ears run wild - should be off limits. Goofy and Donald Duck are #notinvited.

And for those of you wondering…no. My friend and her boyfriend went their separate ways. For the best, we think.

At this point, we can feel some of you starting to sweat through the screen. To be honest, the perfect engagement moment is a daunting prospect. What’s even more difficult, is capturing that split second forever. Because, in a a lot of cases, although the proposal lives on rent free in our minds, there’s no physical image to look back and reminisce upon.

This isn’t an issue when DreamArt is involved. Over the last 15 years, we’ve captured hundreds of engagements against the most stunning backdrops The Riviera Maya has to offer. So, I guess this blog hopes to provide inspiration to all those planning the most epic proposals of the century.

And while there’s an innumerable number of ways you can get down on one knee, we’ve gathered our 8 favourite proposal shots of all time together in one place. So take a look and get inspired…there should be something for everyone here!

1 - Mr Villacis: The Extravagant Proposal

Last month, Mr Villacis put 7 human-size letters in the sand and asked his (now) fiancée to marry him. Ladies and Gents, let us present to you The Extravagant Proposal. Not many people would have the shot below to look back on for their engagement…it’s pretty special. And the backdrop? The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is one of our Partner Hotels and has just been recognized at the World Travel Awards as one of Mexico and Central America’s leading hotels of 2022. No wonder…just look at that white beach and crystal ocean!

You simply cannot go wrong with rose petals, a heart in the sand and supersized letters spelling out ‘Marry Me’. There’s certainly no mixed messages here - is he…isn’t he…? Pretttty obvious how the guy feels about you.

Original? Maybe not. But timeless? Absolutely.

Surprise of the bride during the proposal at Coral Beach Cancun

2 - Susana and Javier: The Ultimate Romantic Proposal

Close your eyes. Now imagine a beach adorned with flowers and candles; a dinner table set for two under white cabana drapes fluttering in the breeze. Feel like you’re there? Us too, quite honestly.

Venue for a romantic dinner at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Now, if you liked the previous proposal, you’re guaranteed to LOVE this one. Last year, Javier surprised Susana on the beach at the stunning Vidanta Riviera Maya. But the twist? Susana went in totally blind.

No literally, she was blindfolded. Javier was pulling out ALL the stops in preparation for Susana’s reaction and Vidanta provided the ultimate romantic vibe. It was utter perfection for a secluded beach proposal.

Javier and Susana in their engagement surprise

3 - Jessica and Alex: The Fairytale Proposal

So this one’s a little quirky and different. We’re heading back to The Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos (because it really is just that good) looking back at Alex’s proposal for Jessica. A stunning evening; ombré pastel skies; an immaculate mariachi band poised and waiting on shore. A dreamy fairytale with a traditional Mexican flare.

Jessica’s entrance on a regal white horse was something out of a Disney movie, something that some gals can only dream of for a proposal. If you’re up for something a little different, animal involvement or the like, The Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos will undoubtedly cater to all your needs.

Jessica entrance in a horse for her proposal

Jessica and Alex photo in Fiesta Americana Los Cabos

Jessica and Alex kiss with the mariachi group in the background

4 - Bryan and Olivia: The Intimate Proposal

When you think ‘engagement in Mexico,’ it’s natural to instantaneously think ‘beach proposal’. But sand isn’t for everyone.

So let’s move away from the beach for a while and try something different.

 Bryan and Olivia engagement at Casa Malca in Tulum

Bryan and Olivia’s engagement at Casa Malca in Tulum has to be one of our favorites. It’s understated, for sure. But crucially, it’s wildly intimate. They swap open beach for more enclosed greenery and entwined branches, and sea for serene pool. The beach is only a stone’s throw away…look! You can see it through the archway. But it somehow feels like they’ve been transported to a totally different location.

Casa Malca’s ethos is all about connecting yourself with the wild and it certainly feels like they’ve escaped to a secluded spot in the jungle, leaving the urban behind. If you want your proposal grounded in nature and surrounded by lush rainforest, Casa Malca is your guy.

Bryan and Olivia engagement at Casa Malca in Tulum

5 - Melinda and Andrew: The Instagrammable Proposal

So, if we’re talking about ‘The Shot’, we’re pretty sure this is as close to perfection as you’re going to get. At Marquis Los Cabos, there is a truly mystical spot where our expert photographers get juuuust the right angle so the pool and the sea fuse together to form one expanse of crystalline water. This is where Andrew got down on one knee and asked Melinda to marry him.

This is the sort of shot you’d expect to be on the cover of Condé Nast Traveller magazine. There’s something about the black-tie and barefoot combo that is just so editorial and romantic at the same time. Pretty idyllic, don’t you think?

Melinda and Andrew engagement at the pool of Marquis Los Cabos

6 - William and Adriana: The Chilled Proposal

Horses and mariachi bands and human-size letters and rose petals…take a breath. It’s a lot to take in for some people. So, let’s strip it back entirely and take a look at William and Adriana’s engagement photos.

William and Adriana engagement at the beach of Marquis Los Cabos

William and Adriana engagement at the beach of Marquis Los Cabos

The first thing that strikes you about these photographs is the authenticity about them; the natural, chilled connection between the couple. Its giving cutesy girl-next-door vibes and the result is fresh, sun-kissed and all round stunning.

William and Adriana engagement at the beach of Marquis Los Cabos

7 - Abby and Wes: The Wild Proposal

After a wilder, messier, sandier proposal? Take note of Abby and Wes’s engagement at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun. When we first saw these pictures, for a split second we thought Abby was J Lo…her hair really is that good. Halfway to Trashing the Dress, this shoot was playful and carefree. There’s a youthfulness to it. They embraced their surroundings, weren’t afraid to get sandy and wet and the result is truly stunning. This is a prime example of where our photographers totally ace it; there’s no script to read from or pre-decided poses…it’s all off-the-cuff, in the moment and reading off the vibes from the couple.

Also, can we just say. In LOVE with Abby’s dress.

Abby & Wes engagement at Live Aqua Cancun

8 - The Shoemaker family: The Surprise Proposal

We’ve saved the best till last because this one is really quite special. If we’re being honest with each other, I had a little moment when scrolling through these photos in the office and got a bit emotional. Because this one really was a genuine surprise. And here’s how it went down…

So it looks like the Shoemaker family booked for a 45 minute lifestyle session at Valentin. Nothing crazy but still a wonderful experience together as a family on vacation, right?

Engagement couple at Valentin Imperial

The photographer is taking some beautiful couple pics in the arches while the rest of the family take a break out of shot.

engagement at Valentin imperial, preparing the surprise

He then gets her to look at the camera for a solo shot.

Normal so far.

But look carefully…you can see him in the background and his hand is reaching for something…plus you can see the inkling of anticipation/fear/nerves in his eyes…

Man showing the engagement ring to his girlfriend

She spins and…Voila! He’s down on one knee.

emotional woman during the engagement moment

She’s totally overwhelmed. Obviously.

Happy family watching the moment of the engagement of the couple

And the BEST part? The family’s reaction in the background. Mum shedding a tear, Dad’s the proudest man alive. It’s emotional, right?! Ugh. Gets us every time.

So there you have it: our top 8 of favourite engagement shots, all entirely different depending on what your vibe is.

But you still might be thinking, okay cool. Some piccies of a proposal. But why not just entrust the job to your sister-in-law-to-be, a trustworthy friend or even just a willing passer-by.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: what makes DreamArt different when it comes to capturing THAT moment?

You’ll notice that in each photo you’ve just seen, the one thing that stands out drastically is the emotion that is captured on their faces, in their body language, the way their clothes move and hair falls. The way in which our photographers are able to capture this Art of Emotion is stunning, and not something you’ll come across with all photographers.

We are both partners and have worked closely with various 5* luxury hotels all over Mexico. With one of these hotels as your backdrop of dreams, combined with the expertise of a DreamArt Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Vallarta or Cancun photographer, we can guarantee your proposal will be one to remember. For all the right reasons!

Whether you’re planning to surprise your partner and pop the question beach-side, or you might already be nearly-weds and be wanting to capture your engagement-moon in some phenomenal photographs, why not visit our Instagram to check out more of our engagement shoots.

Happy ring shopping!

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