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Elevate your Brand with Professional Content.

As a leading luxury hotel photography service in Mexico, we understand the intricate dance of light, ambiance, and design that makes a luxury hotel genuinely captivating. Our tailored photography services aim not just to showcase but to immerse potential guests in the unparalleled experiences awaiting them at your esteemed establishment. From the architectural prowess of your property to the delicate nuances of your services, we capture and convey the essence that makes your hotel the destination of choice.
Let DreamArt Photography bring your hotel's story to vivid, unforgettable life.

Bird's eye view of a 5-star hotel in Mexico

Our Services


The rooms and suites in a luxury hotel are meticulously designed sanctuaries, offering guests both comfort and extravagance. As expert hotel photographers, we understand the importance of diving deep into capturing the ambiance, the intricate details, and the plush comforts of each space. Through our lens, we translate the warmth of a well-lit room, the plushness of the bedding, and the opulence of the furnishings. Our goal is to enable prospective guests to not just view, but truly imagine themselves unwinding in these rooms, evoking a palpable sense of anticipation for their forthcoming stay.



Every luxury hotel showcases unique architectural elegance, and capturing this through the lens requires the expertise of a seasoned hotel photographer. From majestic facades to detailed interiors, we frame your hotel's best features, ensuring your establishment stands out in a competitive market. Recognizing that the essence of luxury lies in the details, our luxury hotel photography approach meticulously highlights the uniqueness and sophistication of your hotel's architecture. We focus on both the grand design and intricate elements of your property, ensuring that potential guests are not just attracted but are truly mesmerized and can't wait to book their stay with you!


Outdoor Areas

The allure of luxury hotels often lies in their expansive outdoor areas, where nature and opulence meet. Through our lens, we bring to life the shimmering waters of infinity pools, the tranquil beauty of lush gardens, and the pristine, golden stretches of beach that beckon guests to relax and indulge. Whether it's the gentle caress of the ocean waves or the inviting loungers placed strategically for sunset views, our luxury hotel photography captures these spaces in their majestic allure. We strive to create images where guests can almost feel the sand between their toes and hear the gentle murmur of waves, compelling them to imagine themselves immersed in these breathtaking outdoor sanctuaries. For these shots, the photographer really makes a difference. Check out our before/after comparison below.


Food & Beverage

Gastronomy is more than just a meal; it's a journey, an experience that tantalizes the senses. With our luxury hotel photography expertise, we vividly bring out the textures, colors, and artistry of your dishes and drinks. Our visuals don't just display a meal, they invite potential guests to immerse themselves in the culinary adventures and exceptional tastes your hotel promises, making them eager to savor every bite and sip. I mean, how can anyone resist such mouth-watering shots?


Luxury hotels offer more than just opulent rooms and stunning views; they craft unforgettable experiences for their guests. From invigorating yoga sessions at dawn and hands-on cooking classes that dive into local cuisine (and of course a 5-star photography service...), to the sophisticated nuances of a tequila tasting or the soothing touch of a world-class massage, our hotel photographers capture these moments in their most authentic light. We ensure that the joy of the kid's club activities or the allure of an evening show is encapsulated perfectly, letting potential guests not just see, but feel the array of unique experiences awaiting them at your establishment.



For any luxury hotel, the dining experience is an embodiment of its essence, an epitome of its commitment to luxury and quality. Through our specialized restaurant and dining photography, we ensure to capture the ambiance, the aesthetic plating, and the overall gastronomic allure. Whether it's the gleam of chandeliers, the elegance of table settings, or the exquisite presentation of dishes, we encapsulate the richness of the culinary journey your hotel offers. We understand that each restaurant within your hotel has its unique narrative, from a cozy breakfast nook to a gourmet fine-dining setting. Our photography aims to translate this narrative, allowing prospective guests to anticipate the gourmet experiences awaiting them, making your hotel's dining offerings not just an amenity, but a key attraction. Bon appétit!



Drone photography offers a unique, bird's-eye perspective that can truly elevate a viewer's perception of your luxury hotel. Our aerial shots are crafted to showcase the majestic sprawl of your property (and give a wow effect!), placing it within the context of the magnificent landscapes around you, whether nestled by the coastline, surrounded by dense jungle, or located near picturesque deserts. These shots provide a sense of scale, grandeur, and context, allowing potential guests to appreciate not just the hotel's architecture, but its harmonious existence amidst nature's beauty.


Every luxury hotel boasts amenities that set it apart, be it a top-notch gym, a wine-inspired spa, or 5-star room details. Our hotel photographers meticulously highlight these features, capturing the essence of the comfort, luxury, and unique experiences they offer. We craft images that allow potential guests to envision themselves indulging (and loving every minute) in these premium facilities, ensuring they see your hotel not just as a place to stay, but as a destination for unparalleled relaxation.

Celebrities & Influencers

In today's digital age, celebrities and influencers hold the power to resonate with vast audiences, making their collaboration invaluable for luxury hotels. Our luxury hotel photography, when working with VIP guests, is tailored to encapsulate authentic moments that speak to their audience. Believe it or not, we actually have quite a lot of experience with A-listers (but often due to confidential reasons, we cannot share the photos.) We like to craft visuals that tell a story, amplifying the essence of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity your hotel offers.

Hotel Openings

Every new addition or launch at a luxury resort deserves a grand visual announcement, and that's where our expertise comes into play. Whether it's a new wing, a thematic restaurant, or seasonal offerings, our photography captures the excitement, elegance, and essence of these new introductions. Vibrant, meticulously framed shots ensure that the debut of these features captures attention, evokes curiosity, and builds anticipation. With our expert hotel photography, your resort's newest features won't just be launched; they'll be celebrated. Learn more about our event photography.

Wedding & Event Setups

Capturing the romance and magic of wedding setups, as well as other event configurations within a luxury hotel, requires a deep appreciation for both grandeur and detail. Our hotel photographers are adept at highlighting the meticulous arrangements, the harmonious play of colors, effective lighting, and those intimate touches that lend character to every event. From grand ballrooms transformed into dreamy wedding receptions to beachfront ceremonies with sunsets painting a romantic backdrop, and even corporate event setups designed for productivity and elegance, we encapsulate the versatility and precision of your hotel's event crafting capabilities. Through our images, potential clients, be it couples envisioning their fairy-tale moment or corporations planning their next big conference, can see the promise of perfection and a touch of opulence that only your hotel can provide. Just say, "I do"!

Staff & Headshots

Humans love humans. Presenting your hotel's team in the best light is a pivotal aspect of branding, and this extends beyond just the physical infrastructure to the people who breathe life into it daily. Our luxury hotel photography services provide photos of both your staff in action and their professional headshots, emphasizing the warmth, professionalism, and dedication each member brings to your establishment. Each shot is curated with precision, ensuring that the individuality and unique personality of every staff member shine through, while maintaining a consistent, upscale look that mirrors the hotel's brand standards. Through these images, prospective guests can get a glimpse of the friendly faces and experts ready to cater to their every need, ensuring them of an unparalleled service experience even before they set foot in your establishment.

Why Choose Us for Your Luxury Hotel Photography?

Your luxury resort deserves a visual representation that mirrors its grandeur and elegance. When you partner with us, you're not just getting photographers; you're acquiring storytellers dedicated to capturing the essence of your esteemed establishment. Here's why partnering with us is the right move:

  • World-class Expertise: Our top photographers aren't just talented; they're trained to the highest of industry standards at our exclusive academy and proudly certified with the DreamArt label. This rigorous training ensures consistency, professionalism, and a touch of artistry in every shot.
  • Brand Vision Alignment: We prioritize getting to know your marketing needs, ensuring each photograph resonates perfectly with your target audience and amplifies your hotel's unique narrative.
  • 15 Years of In-Depth Local Knowledge: Having been established in Mexico for 15 years, our Team's understanding goes beyond just the luxury hotels. We're deeply attuned to Mexico's unique lighting and environmental challenges. This longevity and expertise ensure we consistently capture impeccable shots, harmonizing with the natural beauty and ambiance that Mexico offers.
  • One Team, All your Content: From the majestic facade of your establishment to the intricate details of your interiors, we capture it all. But our services don't stop at stills. We're also experts in hotel videography, producing captivating reels to bring your hotel to life on social media and utilizing advanced drone FPV (First Person View) technology to provide breathtaking aerial perspectives.
  • Monthly Subscription for Continuous Excellence: Recognizing the evolving needs of luxury hotels, we offer a monthly subscription for our content creation services. This approach ensures your hotel always showcases the latest and greatest visuals, reflecting timely promotions, seasonal changes, and new additions. Explore our subscription models to find the perfect fit for continuous marketing success.

Luxury Hotel Photography Guide

What is Luxury Hotel Photography, and How Can It Elevate Your Hotel in Mexico?

Hotel photography, at its core, is our expert way of magnifying the unique charm and luxury of your establishment. For the discerning marketing or sales director, it's not just about snapshots; it's about curating a visual narrative that sets your luxury hotel in Mexico apart from the rest. Think of the meticulously designed interiors, the panoramic views from the balconies, or the exquisite details of your world-class dining experience - we capture these moments, ensuring they resonate with potential guests. In the highly competitive Mexican luxury hotel market, having an arsenal of high-quality images that authentically blend your modern amenities with the rich local heritage can be your edge. Let's work together to create a visual portfolio that not only showcases the grandeur of your property but also positions it as the top choice for travelers seeking unparalleled luxury and culture.

Why invest in a professional hotel photographer?

A professional hotel photographer understands the dynamic interplay of lighting, angles, and compositions to showcase your hotel in its best light. With over 15 years creating content for hotels, our experienced Team is adept at ensuring that the essence of your location and design philosophy shines brightly. Your photographs will not merely be images; they'll be stories waiting to be experienced.

Why is professional photography important for luxury hotels?

Professional photographs allow luxury hotels to convey their brand's essence, attract potential guests, and stand out in a competitive market. High-quality images evoke emotions and can significantly influence booking decisions.

What should be included in a luxury hotel photoshoot?

A comprehensive shoot should cover architecture, rooms and suites, food and beverage, amenities, outdoor areas, events, and any unique experiences the hotel offers. Drone photography and influencer collaborations can also be beneficial.

What is the benefit of using a specialized hotel photographer?

Crafting the ideal image for luxury hotels is a meticulous art that requires far more than just a keen eye. Mastering light is paramount, casting each room, amenity, or dish in its most flattering and inviting light. Preparation is extensive, with each shot carefully planned to capture the essence and mood of the subject. For instance, in food photography, it's not just about taking a photo of a dish; it's about the positioning of the food, the play of shadows, the gleam of sauces, and the vibrancy of ingredients.

Can hotel photography influence online bookings?

Absolutely! Compelling and high-quality photos can significantly impact a guest's decision to book. Visual content is a crucial factor for guests when comparing and selecting hotels online.

How do drone shots enhance hotel photography?

Drone shots offer a unique aerial perspective, showcasing the hotel's scale, its surroundings, and its relationship with the landscape, providing potential guests with a mind-blowing view of the property. Our drone FPV video services even film outstanding content indoors!

What is your hotel photography pricing?

Our hotel photography pricing is based on an hourly rate of $225USD + taxes for one expert luxury hotel photographer. However, if you choose to sign up for our monthly content creation subscription service, we offer a discounted rate. This ensures you receive consistent, high-quality marketing content while benefiting from cost savings.

Do you also offer luxury hotel videography?

Absolutely! In addition to our luxury hotel photography services, we specialize in creating compelling hotel videography tailored for luxury establishments. Our offerings include promotional videos designed for launches, websites, advertisements, and hotel TV channels to convey your hotel's unique narrative and charm. Add our advanced Drone FPV (First Person View) footage to showcase a breathtaking aerial perspective of your hotel and its pristine surroundings, providing an immersive visual experience. We also craft engaging reels specifically designed for your social media platforms.