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Drone photo of a yacht in mexican caribbean

Promote your business with the FPV Drone


People have been flying and creating content with DJI model drones for years. While they are capable of creating amazing footage, quality video content is rising in popularity and in demand, and with that comes a greater need to offer new and exciting points of view. To keep up with this demand, we have had to reach new heights across all our offerings, and we have something very special to unveil.

Enter the FPV Drone: standing for First Person View, this new style of drone has blazed a trail through the market and so far, no other videography tool is able to match the level of freedom and creativity offered by an FPV drone kit. Thanks to its hands on approach, and promise of a new world of possibility, it is soaring in popularity. While it has been gaining traction around the world, it remains very rare in Mexico.

What is The FPV Drone and Why Do We Love It?

The FPV drone is a remote-controlled flying robot, equipped with a camera, and is a reinvention of drones as we know them. The innovation lies in its operation: the drone’s camera streams live footage to a pair of goggles. This effectively lets you see through the perspective of the drone whilst controlling its flight.

One of the most cinematic and immersive new tools on the market, it has become one of our favorite camera platforms. The switch to a first person view offers an unmatched quality when compared to older drone technologies: seeing the drone’s viewpoint in real time has opened up endless possibilities for creating content from new perspectives.

With an emphasis on precision, manoeuvrability and speed, this style of aerial filming has the capability to capture some of the most dynamic content out there. The drone is flexible enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, and is proficient in a diverse range of scenarios.

The FPV drone is adept at capturing smooth cinematic shots when panning slowly, effectively conveying the atmosphere of the scene, against dramatic backdrops. This works great when capturing aerial views from very high up.

Photo drone Solaz Los Cabos

Where the FPV drone really shines is when rushing through intricate environments such as tight treelines, or narrow urban cityscapes. Gliding past nearby buildings or trees at speed provides an immense sense of scale and wonder, and watching feels like you’re exploring the scenery with the pilot.

Do Not Try at Home

While it is tempting, picking up an FPV drone and flying off is not an option – it requires serious patience and dedication to get the hang of using one. Our expert pilot, who we feature below, has been flying drones since 2014, and even he still pratices regularly. In his estimation, it takes a whole year for new pilots to feel comfortable flying an FPV drone.

Most FPV drones are fully manual. You are in full control of the altitude, the speed and of the rotation at all times. The FPV drone is very light and loves to accelerate, so a very precise and delicate touch is required to keep it stable.

Not only are the controls finicky, but the effects of wind and gravity have a far greater impact than you’d expect. High winds are a constant battle, and can easily cause you to crash into nearby obstacles. Add to this the fact that there are no settings allowing for automated hovering and levelling… you can see how this could go wrong. We’ve stopped counting how many times we’ve crashed ours over the years (oops!) and we’ve since also stopped ignoring the high winds.

The footage you can collect from swooping and weaving in and around tight paths is exceptional, but flying this way brings a whole new set of risks into the mix. Pilots challenge themselves to fly dangerously close to various obstacles, the thought being that the closer they get the better the footage. Naturally, there are many more accidents to be had flying this way.

Crashing is an inevitable part of the process, and at worst the damage can leave you out of action for a while, with a substantial repair bill. The best way to stop crashing is, to put it simply, to stop crashing. With more experience behind the remote, crashes become a rare occurence. Even if you can’t avoid a collision, the damage becomes less severe as you ‘learn how to crash’ and avoid flying into obstacles head on.

Meet Our Pilot

Our pilot Olivier flying the drone

At DreamArt Photography, we are fortunate enough to have a resident professional drone pilot on our team: Olivier. A true enthusiast, he has been flying DJI drones since 2014. He’ll be the one making sure that you experience none of the difficulties listed above.

Recently, he took the next step on his drone journey, and passed his ‘International Drone License’. He is now one of the only licensed drone pilots in Mexico. In October of 2021, Olivier began his FPV drone training, consisting of many, many hours of repetitive routines and drills. Since then he has been perfecting his skills on his Cinewhoop FPV 5K. He practices hard and is eager to progress. His style is one of risk-taking and creativity, in search of the most jaw-dropping shots.

Drone Photo of the pier at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Since moving to Mexico, Olivier has held a deep affinity for its landscapes. He has always been passionate about videography and its ability to convey his emotions. The arrival of the FPV drone has struck a particular cord with him – thanks to its release, he will be able to unite his passions. He is celebrating the chance to be able to share his favorite scenery from a new angle.

Promotional Material

The capabilities of the FPV drone for promotional material are still very much under the radar in Mexico. As far as we know, we are one of the only companies to offer a full range of FPV drone services.

With Cisco projecting that 82% of all internet traffic will come from online videos in 2022, having a consistent stream of excellent content to feed this demand is crucial. The use of an FPV drone alone would be enough to generate a buzz around the content you create.

Drone photo of the Hotel Xcaret

The unique ‘birds eye’ view afforded by the FPV drone allows you to tell the story of a location and how it interacts with the scenery around it. Having no constraints in terms of placement and positioning allows you to accentuate the location’s selling points from every angle.

Taking a hotel in the Riviera Maya as an example, a possibility would be to create an image of a complex ecosystem, illustrating where the lush jungle meets the sand, while showing off the fauna and flora along the way. Then, by flying through the intersections of the hotel and its environment, you could paint a picture of the experience of staying there. Start by flying into the lobby through the jungle, dart around until you reach the pool and finally rise up to get an aerial view of the vast ocean.

Amazing home similar lord of the rings at Playa del Carmen

If your hotel were to use the FPV drone, it’d be one of the first, and only, ones to be creating such impressive hotel drone videos, and you would have an instant impact in swaying customer decisions. This deliberate imagery is easily projected onto prospective customers. Seeing the story of the location creates an emotional connection, and having the whole picture of the location in mind allows for a better feeling of its atmosphere.

Be Part of Something Special

These are the reasons the FPV drone is so special to us. It has allowed us to capture footage of unprecedented quality, that comes straight out of our imagination.

We provide FPV and DJI drone videography services for Weddings and Events, as well as for creating promotional material for Marketing, Resorts and Real Estate. If impressing potential guests and showing off the best parts of your establishment sounds appealing to you, get in touch with us now, and learn more about the full range of drone services we have on offer. Take this opportunity to capture spectacular footage with one of the first licensed drone pilots in Mexico.

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