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Professional Photography with Little Ones: Advice for Kids’ Photoshoots

Nothing quite captures the essence of family like a great photo – one that will be proudly displayed for generations to come and of course replace your phone lock-screen. What makes that photo perfect is up to you, but let’s face it — getting the whole family in front of the camera can be one of life’s greatest challenges, especially with young kids.

Whether your children are full of energy, excitement and eagerness to explore the world around them or a little more camera shy, the task of getting them to cooperate in order to achieve that successful shot is one that requires a talented and experienced photographer.

With over 60,000 photoshoots under our belt, you can trust that our experienced DreamArt photographers know a thing or two on the topic. Keep reading for our tips on photoshoots with young children and how to get the special shots that capture the heart of your family.

a lot of children during the photoshootPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Connect with your photographer

Before the shoot, get to know your photographer. Taking a few minutes to introduce yourselves and getting reassured by the photographer that everyone will work together, makes everything run a lot smoother. Photographers will also chat with children a little bit to try establish a bond and make them feel comfortable with them and in front of the camera. Doing so will also help put parents at ease so everybody can work on getting those all important photos.

If things start to go off-track, a good photographer will work with you to get things running smoothly again. Calm and positive parents are essential as kids tend to take cues from them! Keeping an upbeat vibe, no matter how chaotic things get, will have kids smiling while parents sigh with relief. Let go of any stress you may be feeling and just embrace the moment — after all, that’s when everyone looks their best!

Photographer playing with a kidPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Follow their lead!

It is a photographer’s role to help you and your family make you feel as comfortable as possible which is why they will naturally guide you throughout the photoshoot - how to pose, where to look; as mentioned before, they will give clear prompts to follow. In family sessions, it is important that parents get involved and positively respond to photographers’ direction, even the slightly sillier ones! This will help kids in feeling free to participate in front of the camera and when working on their individual shots, having parents nearby, with an encouraging smile they recognise, will help them channel their attention and charisma towards the lens! Fun prompts coupled with the involvement of parents and other family members always gets kids eager to participate and draws them out of their shell.

Shooting at Vallarta

father with childrensPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

What’s the name of the game?

Photoshoots don’t have to be stiff and awkward! With the help of some light humor, funny noises and a few games, family photoshoots can be an exciting experience that allows you to let loose and enjoy yourselves. Clear prompts from your photographer will help you out if you are unsure! A range of games, activities and prompts will help you and your children engage with your surroundings and with each other. Family photoshoots are also great fun when everyone gets active! A bit of healthy competition through a game of hide and seek or tag can create the the perfect group picture worthy of any mantelpiece. Capturing those joyful shared moments will become cherished memories for years down the road. So laugh it up with your loved ones at this special photo session!

Wondering what our favorite game is? Get ready to have your funny bone tickled! One of our photographers’ favorite games is animal charades as it is the perfect way for every member of the family (no matter their age) to get involved and share some laughs. Each pick your favourite furry friend and bring them to life to the amusement of everyone involved — from fantastic facial expressions that will have you doubled over in laughter, to excited reactions as the mystery is solved! The result? Hilarious photos that will bring character-filled moments back into those cherished family albums!

girl hiding leave

Family playing during a photoshootPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Favorite toy? Bring them along!

Speaking of furry friends: whether it’s Millie the moose, Hannah the hippo or Woody the toy cowboy, many children have that one toy or item that just has to be within their reach at all times — and that’s okay! The item will make for a personal and memorable image to look back on years down the line. If your children have a cherished companion that they like to have with them, don’t hesitate to bring it along, especially if it will keep them relaxed and happy to get their photo taken!


kid with warrior custom

kid playing sand castlePhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Keep it short and sweet

Keeping children engaged and entertained during photo sessions can be an uphill battle, but with a thoughtful but efficient photographer you never have to worry. A photographer who keeps the sessions short but works hard to get the most out of your family for the camera is a great choice, especially if you have young kids.

Thanks to significant training in our in-house Academy and years of experience, DreamArt photographers are true masters of time, making the most out of your 45 minute session. Our No Boredom Guarantee also means that every shot will come in a flash - all whilst making sure to check in with kids first that they're still having fun. This way everyone stays focused on what truly matters – capturing amazing memories!

family playing in the water

kids jumpingPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Unstressed and unforgettable — that is the key to a perfect family session. Let the little ones' natural enthusiasm shine, rather than trying to contain it! When parents team up with photographers in coaxing those genuine smiles out of kids and stay positive themselves – magic happens behind the lens!

The experience and skill of our excellent team of photographers who go above and beyond to make sure parents feel at ease, undoubtedly produce exquisite family photos; and they are always ready to capture your authentic reactions.

kids runningPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

DreamArt really understands that getting photos of your family is a precious and valuable memory that deserves to be treasured forever. That is why our photographers put their hearts into what they do! We hope this article has soothed any doubts about potential chaos of arranging and doing a session. Be assured from the points in this article, that we not only pay attention to detail, but also know how to address your concerns so you can come away with timeless images.

If your family is ready to bring your beautiful uniqueness, character and love in front of the camera to be forever remembered, be sure to book your session with a DreamArt Cabos, Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Tulum or Cancun photographer!


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