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Newlyweds kissing in the beach in front of all our their guests

Destination Wedding FAQs: PART 1

Trawling through bride-to-be Facebook groups, online wedding forums and instagram pages, there seems to be one phrase that crops up again and again when it comes to planning a destination wedding: “I really just don’t know where to start.” Don’t blame you to be honest. A wedding held down the road at your local registry is stressful enough. Add a couple of thousand air miles into the mix and suddenly things just got a whole lot tricker! Breathe. You’re in the right place!


Are you getting married in Mexico but clueless how to start the planning process? Part 1 of our Destination Wedding FAQs covers all things bridal. Stressing out over bridesmaid dresses, transporting your gown safely overseas, getting that flawless makeup look AND everything in between? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve cobbled together our top Destination Wedding FAQs with a few random tips and tricks from some expert wedding planning professionals in the field…take a look!

But first, meet the experts!

  • Faviola Vazquez has been a wedding planner at luxury 5* resort, Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, since 2011. Since 2019, having come back after maternity leave, Faviola became the hotel’s Groups and Wedding Supervisor. It’s hard to keep track of how many weddings she has under her belt, but around 500 wouldn’t be far off the mark! AKA wedding guru at your service.
  • Mimí Crisanto is the founder of Beauty On Wheels, a luxury beauty service that travels wherever it needs to go for their clients. Mimí did her certification training at Make-up Atelier Paris, working under the founder and beauty legend herself, Helene Quille. Now, years later, Mimí manages her own team of 15 make-up artists, all on hand to make your bridal vision a reality.

Wedding party at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach CancunPhoto by DreamArt Photography

1 - Bridesmaid Dress Dilemma

comment of facebook group about dress dilema


DreamArt’s reply:

So, here’s the thing. For a wedding in a cooler climate, satin is a winner. A no brainer. It’s classy and sexy and elegant. But we’re in Mexico here and, as you can imagine, it does tend to get hot and humid. So, although satin may look beautiful, in reality it’s more hassle than its worth. Take it from us as professional photographers: satin and sweat are not a cute combo. Also, because of the way satin reflects light, editing can prove a little tricky. All this combined with the fact it wrinkles easily…maybe try another material? Loose fitting fabrics are not only beach beautiful but kind of a necessity. Chiffon, organza, silk, charmeuse or cotton would all be dreamy choices. And totally sweat patch friendly! Ideal!

Bride and Bridesmaids with the bouquetsPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Now…how to pick dresses your whole bridal party will fall in love with. It’s a tricky one. Because when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, one size most certainly does not fit all. Anyone seen the movie Bridesmaids? The bridal shop/food poisoning scene is pretty realistic when it comes to divided outfit opinions amongst the bridal party...(not the freak food poisoning bit…hopefully. Just the dress selection part!) You might have a vision of all your girlies in strapless, fitted fishtail gowns…your maid of honor, however, might want a looser, flowy fit. Ah. We’ve run into a little bit of a conflict here…

Ultimately, as the bride, it’s your responsibility to find a silhouette that looks gorgeous and flattering on everyone. Don’t panic! Let’s make this less of a chore on your already pretty lengthy to-do list and more some fun wedmin you can enjoy doing. You have a couple of options when it comes to colour and style…

Option 1: matching for everyone

Bridesmaids with nice dress at the gardens of Valentin ImperialPhoto by DreamArt Photography

If you have your heart set on a uniform look, here’s proof that A-Line and V-neck gowns look good on pretty much everyone. A fitted waistline and flared skirt is one of the most flattering dress silhouettes out there. Period. If you’re lost, this can be your failsafe go-to.

Option 2: anything goes

Bride and her bridesmaids back on the beach at Valentin Imperial MayaPhoto by DreamArt Photography 

This bride wanted her bridesmaids to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so the gals picked their own garms. She had a pastel, almost earthy tone colour palette, so there’s still cohesion, but each bridesmaid is totally individual. Chic! And cost effective if its a ‘bring your own dress’ kind of situation ;)

PHOTOGRAPHER’S TIP: look for styles where the fabric is matte, rather than shiny or iridescent…they might not photograph as well and photoshop can prove a tricky task.

Option 3: mix n’ match

Bride squad at the gardens of Valentin Imperial MayaPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Miss-matched bridesmaid dresses is an option that is becoming ever more popular with modern brides. Similar colour palette but a variety of styles. We love this option…super flexible, varied and just all-around original.

HOW DO I TRANSPORT MY WEDDING DRESS ACROSS THE WORLD? For the love of God. Do NOT check her into the hold. Depending on the airline you will probably be allowed to hang your dress in the first class cabin wardrobe; for budget airlines, it may be a ‘lay it in the overhead locker as carefully as you can’ kind of situation. Creased in transit? No problemo! Warmer, more humid climates cause wrinkles to drop out naturally anyway but to fully iron this problem out - without having to actually pick up an iron - hang the dress in the bathroom and run a hot shower to create a makeshift clothes steamer. Don’t put the dress in the shower. Please lord no. Then it would be time to whip out the hairdryer…

2 - Where to Find Flawless Hair and Makeup

Facebook post looking for professionals of hair and makeup

DreamArt’s reply:


DreamArt’s reply:

This one we’ve seen time and time again. And the good news is we can recommend an epic local hair and makeup company in the Riviera Maya…with over four years operating in central Playa del Carmen and more than ten years in the world of beauty, Beauty On Wheels (BOW) are an agency of beauty professionals with international experience. They go wherever they are called: Cancun, Holbox, Tulum, Bacalar…you name it, they’ll get there!

We chatted to founder Mimí Crisanto about how her business was born…

“I was working 11 hour days in a beauty salon and, to be honest, I was unhappy! It was a poor work-life balance, cyclical and repetitive with the commute every day…I knew I wanted to stay in the beauty sector, but I wanted to get out of the salon life! I wanted to make it remote: the client doesn’t have to come to us, we go to the client.”

And so…Beauty On Wheels was born.

It turns out the beauty industry runs in Mimí’s blood…her father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all hairdressers. Crazy right?!

Beauty on wheels instagram posts

 But soon after launching on her own in Monterrey, Mimí noticed a problem…

“I soon realised I was losing a lot of money in Monterrey since weddings rarely happened outside the weekend. When a friend invited me to a wedding in Playa on a Wednesday, I thought…a Wednesday?! A mid-week wedding ?! It was just unheard of in Monterrey. I realised there would be far more clients and business waiting for me in Playa.”

Let’s be totally honest: every day’s a weekend in Playa! This was April 2017. By December that same year, BOW had packed up and moved to Playa permantently. A new chapter began for the business and it changed Mimí’s life.

Makeup of bridePhotography by @beautyonwheelsriviera

The team is comprised of 15 makeup artists, all specialists in their field, whether that be body painting, bridal hair and makeup or production and commercial artists. Mimí showed us around her stunning office in Playa del Carmen, equipped with Hollywood style *camerino (*the **beauty spot…AKA where the magic happens) and studio complete with cyc wall and lights. On the right, there were rails and rails of wedding dresses in suit carriers ready for their models. The buzz was electric in there; her team was milling around, there was not a moment of silence and it felt exactly as Mimí had said…her team is like a family.

So…let’s talk weddings. The one thing that stood out to us when chatting was the extensive focus on client conversation before the big day. When a new bride makes an enquiry, the first thing Mimí ensures is that a conversation happens. They’ll chat all things wedding: dress, hair, veil, jewelry, colors, what she likes and what she doesn’t like. The relationship with the client is established way before a makeup palette is even picked up. She told us:

If it’s a destination wedding, this is for sure a conversation that needs to happen prior to the event. We also always recommend a trial makeup session before the big day, so that when it comes to the Wedding day itself, it’s a total stress-free breeze.”

mother and bride huggPhotography by @beautyonwheelsriviera


MIMI’S TOP TIP: “because of the humidity and heat, we use waterproof makeup that is actually meant for fitness models. Using a powder that doesn’t transfer with sweat is a MUST. This will also help from a photography perspective, mattifying your face, dulling the shine and ensuring an airbrushed finish.”

A destination wedding means you have to consider every minute detail; most importantly, humidity levels and temperature must be prioritised on that list. Product choice, then, becomes crucial to ensure a flawless application and lasting finish. Beauty On Wheels certainly doesn’t scrimp on costs when it comes to quality of makeup; you’ll be sure to find a varied selection of luxury brands in their makeup kit-of-parts, such as Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown, Atelier and Charlotte Tilbury.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to makeup…Mimí explained each makeup look is totally tailored to and dependant on the bride-to-be; some will want heavier eye makeup, others a fuller lip…it varies. Whatever they request, BOW will make their vision a reality.

Bride's hair Photography by @beautyonwheelsriviera


TRENDING RIGHT NOW: we’re talking pony tails, buns, braids…any up-do that takes the hair off the nape of the neck. Humidity and heat just doesn’t gel with free-flowing hair left down. Mimí’s favourite look at the moment is long braids accessorised with flowers and gem stones. Super instagrammable but also practical. We love it!

Any grooms out there? Don’t think we forgot about you! BOW offers a barber service before the big day, so why not book in with your groomsmen for a group sesh!

Bride makeup at the getting readyPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Getting married in/near Playa and fancy a bit of pampering on the morning of your Big Day? Or even in the lead up to The Big Day? Or both ;) Contact BOW for a flawless bridal makeover at weddings@beautyonwheelsriviera.mx or visit their instagram or website to see these beauty gurus in action for yourself.

3 - Photography Recommendations

Facebook post for photography recommendations wedding cancun

 DreamArt’s reply:

Well, we know we’re a little biased but it would be wrong not to do a little bit of self-promo here…DreamArt has been in the business for 15 years. The service is second to none, 5* and nothing short of luxury. We’re on hand to capture every piece of your day, from start to finish…and beyond!

brides in their getting readyPhoto by DreamArt Photography

From the big day itself, the bridal party getting ready, the ceremony and reception, to post nuptial celebrations like a beach-side wedding brunch or a trash the dress photoshoot in a cenote. You name it, we can shoot it.

Clemence & Damian enjoying at the cenote in their trash the dress shootingPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Here’s a few things our clients had to say about their experiences with DreamArt…

Facebook comments of the customers of DreamArt Photography

Alongside our outstanding team of photographers, we are also one of the only companies to be offering FVP drone services, the latest technology that will produce the most incredibly immersive footage and take your wedding video to the next level. The beauty of this drone is that it’s almost pocket sized and weighs nothing…it can fly between legs, skim over shoulders and speed through doorways. If you want that birds-eye-view party shot of all your guests breaking it down on the dance floor, look no further. Check out the stunning wedding we shot in Cozumel…the drone really captures the color, light and the location’s magic. Pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

Drone shot of a wedding at Presidente CozumelPhoto by DreamArt Photography

"DreamArt did a same day video edit of our wedding and 250 of us stood up to give them a standing ovation. The best photographers for your wedding without a doubt."

Take a look at what we could do for your wedding day on our Instagram. If you’re after wedding photography and videography your friends will be totally envious of, enquire here! We’re taking 2023 bookings now :)

Different drone shots of wedding in the nightPhoto by DreamArt Photography

So there you have it; our top destination wedding FAQs and some random top tips if you’re planning on getting hitched in Mexico.

That’s all for Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2 where the wedding FAQs continue**…next time** we’ll tackle weather worries, hear top tips from a professional wedding planner and discuss how to find that perfect all-inclusive resort for your special day.

See you there!

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