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DreamArt Photography is a luxury photography company striving to innovate. We offer a range of services including Lifestyle, Weddings, Drone, and more. Founded by a team of French luxury photographers in 2008, our focus has historically been our Lifestyle offering, with a lot of attention given to our concept, ‘The Art of Emotion’.

The Art of Emotion is the act of capturing your real passion and emotion in a photo, and creating long-lasting memories. We pride ourselves on our ability to evoke raw emotions organically, setting the stage for beautiful, intimate photographs. We think of the shoots as stories. You’re guided through the scene as the story unfolds, while we stand ready to capture every reaction. The images come to life and wonderfully express the emotions felt.

Memories you won't get anywhere else

For 2022, we have new ambitions. We have expanded our range of products to include innovative services such as the FPV drone. We now also offer creative Marketing opportunities, such as stories for social media, so that we can turn all of our customers into micro-influencers. We’ve also been working hard to develop our 4k video productions, to solidify ourselves as world leaders not just in photography, but in videography as well.

All of us at DreamArt Photography have worked tirelessly to maintain our very high standards throughout our expansion, and we are hugely proud of the high quality of all of our services. We are sure that they will bring you the same joy that they bring us.

Our Artists

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing team of artists. Over the last 15 years, we’ve trained over 150 talented photographers and videographers from around the world. We foster all of our talent in-house to highlight the concept that defines DreamArt, adding an element of personality to every photoshoot. Today, our artists are the ones inspring DreamArt’s magic.

Our photographer Francisco
Our photographer Eric with his camera Canon
Our pilot Olivier flying a drone in Mexico
Our photographer Josefina
Our photographer Carmelo with his camera canon
Our photographer Elias
Our photographer Jessica with her camera
Our photographer Fernando with his camera Nikon
DreamArt photographer during a Lifestyle photoshoot with a family
Portrait of our photographer Fernando
DreamArt pro photographer in Los Cabos
Partner luxury Resort of DreamArt Photography

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