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Wedding party at the pool of fiesta americana coral beach

How to determine the size of your wedding


If there’s one thing that is rather stress inducing in the early stages of wedding planning, it’s being overloaded with options. Flowers, dress, venue, cake, food… With all the bridal magazines, blogs and (often unsolicited) opinions from family members, making decisions can be tough.

Monday you might want a boho festival themed wedding in a field (bring your own wellies!), Wednesday you’ll consider whether a rustic wedding in a renovated barn is actually what you want, and then Friday you’ll confuse yourself yet again when you question whether you want to get married in your local church…

Bamboozling. Don’t you agree?

Wondering what style of wedding is for you? Look no further, DreamArt has you covered. Take our quiz below to find out what kind of wedding lies at the end of the aisle for you…

Quiz how to determine the size of your wedding

Check your results below…

Macro Wedding

If you ended up picking Macro Wedding, the party lifestyle clearly runs in your veins. So…who’s ready to par-tay?

Consider a Macro Wedding if…

  • you simply can’t cut your guest list…it’s a non-negotiable to have as many of your friends, family members, and colleagues as part of your wedding. AKA every single person if your life who matters to you.
  • you’re prepared to splash the cash (after all…you’re only doing this once, right?!)
  • You simply want a larger than life celebration. Multiple days, multiple events…essentially, it’s the ‘go big or go home’ attitude.
    Macro Wedding collage of photos

    What is a Macro Wedding? So we all know the premise of a Micro Wedding…something on a tinier scale, more intimate…a Macro Wedding is the complete opposite. A larger than life celebration with a BEYOND larger guest list; we’re talking OTT everything and celebrations that could span a whole weekend!

    The reception will. be. wild. Floral installations, custom built furniture, personalised welcome gifts, surprise moments…put it this way: a 200 person flashmob during the 5 course dinner would not be out of place at a macro weddng. Michelle and Daniel’s wedding at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach was definitely one to remember. Check out some of the shots captured by our epic wedding photographers…


    Bride enjoying at the wedding reception

    Amazing photo of the newlyweds at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach

    You see? Larger than life. And when these glittery guys turned up, everyone knew the fiesta was about to ramp up a few notches…

    people with brilliant suits with a disco ball in the head

    Following the pandemic and the enforced rise of smaller wedding styles, now social-distancing, mask wearing and PCR testing are hopefully all things of a distant past, couples can celebrate their nuptials how they always wanted. A big, fat party. With Covid beating a hasty retreat, couples nowadays are more interested in throwing multi-day events than ever before…single day affairs are being usurped by action packed wedding weekends away.

    Where’s our invite?!

    In Michelle and Daniel’s case, their celebrations started well before the big day itself, as they kicked things off with a welcome White Sunset Party. Michelle added a pop of baby blue to her stunning gown; there’s NO mistaking who the bride is here. Gorgeous.

    Rehearsal dinner in white party

    Outifts beyond the bridal look…let’s see. General rule of thumb here is this: there’s no such thing as too much. Stick to that and you’ll be just fine! Check out some of the guests at Michelle and Daniel’s big day…hello Met Gala of the Riviera Maya!

    Elegant dresses of the guest of the macro wedding

    When it comes to the bridal look itself, it would be totally normal to go EXTRAVAGANT gown for the ceremony, then slip into something more manageable for getting down on the dance floor. Exactly what our beautiful bride Michelle did for her spectacular Macro Wedding. Take a look at her 2 bridal looks:

    Elegant dress for the wedding ceremony

    Second dress for the wedding reception

    Oh and don’t forget the rehearsal dinner and day-after brunch outfits too!

    Attending a Macro Wedding? Your suitcase will be well and truly bursting at the zips with all your outfit changes!

    Traditional Wedding

    So…you’re a traditional size wedding kind of gal. Not quite on the scale of a Macro wedding, but not so condensed to the size of a Micro Wedding. A happy medium :)

    Collage of the traditional wedding

    Consider a medium wedding if…

    • tradition is important to you: you want a ceremony and reception style format
    • you want a large celebration with a pretty hefty guest list, but you’re not about the digital floral installations, flash mob and weekend wedding vibe that comes tied up with macro weddings.
    • you are prepared for a little bit of wedmin!
    • you have a comfortable budget you can spend on a greater number of guests

    Amazing venue full of flowers at Grand Velas riviera maya

    What is a traditional sized wedding? Of course, a wedding is never a ‘one size fits all’ situation. But when we talk about a ‘traditional’ wedding size, we’re talking around 60-150 guests…so ‘medium’ sized, if you will.


    Micro Wedding

    If you ended up picking micro wedding, you’re up for a no-fuss, no-frills wedding day…

    Collage of photos of Micro Wedding

    Consider a micro wedding if…

    • You’d rather spend less on the actual day and save for an epic honeymoon!
    • Wedmin for hundreds of guests scares you. The amount of time it takes to plan a more elaborate wedding, you would rather spend on something else.
    • Big events are just not your vibe; a cosy dinner, sitting back and relaxing with family and close friends is your idea of a perfect wedding day.

    Group photo of all the guest of the wedding at Valentin Maya

    What is a micro wedding? The Covid-19 pandemic was the spark that allowed micro-weddings to totally boom, accelerating the small-wedding trend that was simmering, but hadn’t quite become mainstream yet. With usually fewer than 30 guests, a micro wedding is for the brides after a more exclusive, intimte vibe. Far more scaled down from a macro wedding, it would typically include a shorter ceremony and reception, and you won't be planning a bigger event afterwards.

    A wedding is a huge undertaking—and an equally huge investment. Averaging out at well over $30,000, costs are eyewatering these days, leaving modern couples torn on whether it’s really worth it. And the guest count? On average, couples celebrate with nearly 150 of their friends and family members which, let’s be honest, doesn’t really align with the ‘nearest and dearest’ descriptor. You and your partner may have thrown the elopement joke around light-heartedly, but if you know you can’t bring yourselves to eschew all tradition, there’s another option waiting in the wings for you: a micro wedding.

    Put it this way, if you’ve been invited to a micro wedding. You’ve made it. You’re on a highly curated guest list. You are amongst the people who truly qualify as the couple’s ‘nearest and dearest’.

    Valentin Wedding Venue

    There must be major relief in knowing you don’t have to invite people ‘just because,’ anymore; from your dad’s long-lost cousins to your former colleagues, the pressure to invite semi-strangers is totally off your shoulders. And with fewer guests comes less wedmin work in general, fewer unasked for opinions and fewer people to please…

    You can now focus your budget on the finer details that really matter to you rather than spread your budget thinly over 100 more guests you don’t even want there!


    The untraditional route! Love it. If you picked elopement, it’s safe to say the idea of a big bridal bash is just not your thing.

    Elopement Wedding collage photos

    Consider eloping if…

    • the idea of planning a wedding freaks you out and the idea of being the centre of attention makes you feel nauseous
    • you and your partner are super spontaneous and always looking for an unconventional adventure
    • you're trying to save money for a new life together and just clocked your next beach vacation could easily pull double duty as your big day, too. Result!

    newlyweds walking in the beach of Marquis Los cabos

    What is eloping? An extremely intimate, minimal affair. Chalk and cheese to a macro wedding. Tying ****the knot and celebrating with just you, your partner and perhaps a small gathering. Destination elopements are quite in fashion these days; running away to a desert island…it doesn’t get more romantic than that!

    Planning a full-blown wedding involves a lot of people—and with that, many unsolicited opinions. It’s a large scale production; it can be difficult to enjoy each other’s company when so many others are demanding your attention. As the happy couple, you don’t want to be more overwhelmed than thrilled on your big day…eloping is a way to bypass all of this. No drama.

    Plus. You can get the photographs of a LIFETIME. You can play by your rules; everything is so personalized that you can pick exactly where you want to say ‘I do’, whether that’s on a mountain peak, in the middle of a wildflower field, deep in a fairytale forest or on a cliff-top overlooking the ocean. Where do you both want to kick off married life?

    Couple in the wedding ceremony at Secrets Akumal

    Pinterest recently reported a 128% increase in searches for elopement photography ideas. And no wonder. This is an opportunity you have to seize with both hands here…the photos from your elopement have the potential to be jaw-droppingly epic. Despite the intimate, minimal nature of your ‘ceremony’ where others are #notinvited, we would definitely recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture the moments you share together; these photos are candid moments, hard copies of your memories.

    If you want to book DreamArt for your big day’s wedding photography, however scaled up or toned down, we’re here to make your dreams a reality.


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