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emotional photo of mother & son

Our secret to taking great photos


We feel and see emotions on a daily basis, but they do not always translate well to photos. Have you ever been told to pose by a photographer, only to find the result stiff and awkward? The scene was captured, but there is no trace of the feeling behind the moment.

Over the last 15 years, DreamArt Photography has been perfecting its unique method of capturing Lifestyle with Emotion. Our focus is to convey the very real emotions you experience during our sessions, through the medium of photography. This has earned us a perfect score of 5 out of 5 from over 600 customers, who have all created long lasting memories with us. Today we’re sharing with you our recipe for success.

Our Secret: The Art of Emotion

Being able to capture your real passion and emotion in a photo is what makes us unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to evoke raw emotions organically, setting the stage for beautiful, intimate photographs. This might sound like a lot, but not to worry, we don’t expect any tears (though it wouldn’t be the first time!)

One of our core pillars is to provide a space for you to be your authentic self, allowing your inner beauty and individuality to shine through. Forming a bond with you, even though we will be meeting for the first time on the day of the shoot, and will only have a limited time, is crucial for us. It helps you feel most comfortable, and allows you to act naturally.

We think of the shoots as stories. You’re guided through the scene as the story unfolds, while we stand ready to capture every reaction. The images come to life and wonderfully express the emotions felt. 

Why Do We Shoot This Way?

Family photo with a magic sunset at Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)


The photographer is able to discover and capture exciting new perspectives, that would not have been found with a traditional structure. Going along with the flow of the session, a rollercoaster-like sequence is created. This is an exciting knock-on effect of the method we use for our photoshoots, and has become our trademark over time.

We want you to leave with a renewed sense of connection and fulfilment, as well as an incredible digital photo album. Our distinction is reflected in how we turn this aesthetic experience into cherished, long-lasting memories.

We want to add personal value to the final album. We present the photo gallery to you in a way that encourages your mind to wander back to the the ripple of the waves, and the breeze of the salt air that you might have sensed on the day, increasing its ability to evoke emotions. 

How Does This Work on Set?

Turquoise waters at the beach of Valentin Imperial Maya

Even though we master all kinds of lightings and equipment, we only use natural lighting for our Lifestyle photoshoots. The sun highlights the striking scenery surrounding you and the sessions flow better without artificial lighting equipment. The cyan blue hues of the Caribbean are really accentuated when shot in this way.
To find interesting frames and angles, we must be aware and adaptable at all times. By design, our Lifestyle photoshoots include exceptional moments that are impossible to reproduce. Our artists have the expertise and agency to follow the course of the photoshoot, and so the outcome is guaranteed to be touching and memorable.

We find that the key to capturing photos bursting with emotion lies in three steps:

DreamArt photographers in action

1. Inspire a Scene

2. Using artistic vision, find the right angle

3. Apply the technical skills required to focus, frame and expose correctly


How We Maintain Our Standards

Photographer taking a family picture in the beach of Puerto Vallarta

All of our professional photographers have between 5 to 8 years of experience, and have been trained in-house. Thanks to our DreamArt Photography Academy, our focus has been firmly ingrained into the mind of each new team member.

With nearly 60,000 sessions under our slings, we have identified how to allow you to make the most of your limited time with us. We follow a tried and tested set of criteria, that means that all of our work highlights the concept that defines DreamArt.

These criteria are closer to guidelines however, and they create space for our talented photographers to express themselves artistically. Each of our artists has developed their own routines to trigger the reactions they’re looking for, adding an element of personality specific to your private photo session.

Dedicated to Progression

beautiful girl with her father in a photo shoot on the beach

DreamArt is at the forefront of digital innovation, and we are always on the lookout for new tools that might complement our style. Most recently, the rarely seen FPV Drone has made a fine addition to our collection. The most important change though, has been the switch from DSLR to Mirrorless cameras.

Mirrorless cameras have evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, and have brought with them a huge jump in software. We have particularly enjoyed the better focus coverage of the frames, and the improved speed of tracking. With these implementations, improperly focused shots are a thing of the past.

Elusive, fleeting moments are often the most interesting subjects but they are usually the toughest to shoot. Hundreds of them can appear given the nature of our photoshoots, and they make for some of our favorite shots. Without technical limitations in our way, we have a much larger range of photos to work with, and we can now offer you some gems that you might have missed before.

Technology is ever-changing, but what remains constant is the human behind the lens. Access to these innovative camera settings has liberated our photographers, allowing them to focus their skills on working their magic. 

See for Yourself!

Now that we’ve detailed the precise thought process behind all of our Lifestyle Photography sessions, you must be wondering what this looks like in the flesh. Fortunately, the best way to appreciate our methods is to see them in person! Book a Lifestyle Photography session through the link below and enjoy an unforgettable experience with us, creating treasured memories along the way. We hope to see you soon.


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