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Woman running at Valentin

Unleash Your Inner Queen: Empowering Photoshoot Ideas for Women

It’s International Women’s Day but we won’t debate the gender pay gap or how most of us women will push out a 3kg human out of our bodies at some point in our lives. What we will say though is that women are smart, strong, caring, and capable of anything they put their minds to. “Who run the world?” Here are 4 photoshoots ideas to make you feel like the queen that you are! 👑

Woman with long dress

Afroamerican woman during the sunset at Los Cabos

1. The Individual Shoot: You’re a Star

Having a photoshoot by yourself can seem a little daunting at first, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on these main character solo shots! With DreamArt, the photographer takes you to the best locations within your hotel and guides you through the session making you feel beautiful and empowered. Whether it be emotion-filled photos or more posed shots, the photographer knows how to make you shine. And trust us when we say that you come out of this lifestyle experience feeling as confident as ever!

Check out some of the amazing solo shots we’ve already taken to help these women capture their identity in a way that makes them feel their best.

Woman at Valentin portraitPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Woman portrait at Fiesta Americana Los CabosPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

backlight of womanPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

Muslim woman portrait at Marquis Los CabosPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

2. A Group Photoshoot: Embrace Sisterhood

Here come the girls! Gather all your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, your mom, whoever it may be, and have a girly photoshoot that captures your sisterhood and remembers all the amazing women you have by your side.

sisters portrait

Photo credit: DreamArt Photography

Sisterhood portraitPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

If you’re engaged, a bachelorette shoot is a must!

Grab all the girls that have supported you in the good and the bad in the run up to your special day and show them how important they are to you. After all what would we do without our girls?

Bacherolette party

Photo Credit: DreamArt Photography

Girls at the beach of Marquis Los CbosPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

3. Maternity Photoshoot: Empowered and Unstoppable

What’s more reason to celebrate the power of women than bringing new life into the world? Remember this beautiful moment for a lifetime and document your amazing journey to becoming a mother with a special photoshoot; it's your chance to treasure all that you've achieved - both now and in the years to come!

Maternity portraitPhoto credit: DreamArt Photography

girl kissing belly of her motherPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

pregnant woman at ValentinPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

4. Quinceañera Photoshoot: Welcoming Womanhood

In Mexico, a teenager’s 15th birthday is a right of passage in her life, celebrating this change from childhood to womanhood, and what better way to commemorate the moment than with a memorable photos! Wear a gorgeous gown and have memories of this once in a lifetime occasion to remember forever. You’ll never be this young again but so much magic awaits! ✨

Quinceañera portrait at VidantaPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Quinceañera portrait at VidantaPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Quinceañera portrait at Grand Fiesta Americana Los CabosPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Quinceañera with her momPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Women of all ages and backgrounds can find beauty, strength, and confidence in taking part in a photoshoot. Our photoshoots provide an opportunity to celebrate the unique features and special qualities that each woman possesses, whether it be their smile, their radiance, or their fashion style. With our professional shots, women can feel empowered and proud of who they are. We love to share that with the world.

Group of women at Vidanta Riviera MayaPhoto Credit: DreamArt Photography

Book your photoshoot now and have moments to cherish forever — it’s time to shine!


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