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Hotel Spotlight: Fairmont Mayakoba


LOCATION: Playa del Carmen

VIBE: eco-luxury

USP: the facilities of an all-inclusive resort without the carbon footprint

We can’t help but agree that the vibe of this luxury hotel really is all in its name. The Fairmont Mayakoba, or ‘Village over the water’ in the original Mayan, is a beautiful fusion of the authentic, untouched landscape of the Riviera Maya with all the opulence of the contemporary. A mix of quaint palm huts and cabins, with modern wooden and stone touches - think traditional with stylish finishes.

Fairmont Mayakoba diving centerPhoto by DreamArt Photography

The Vibe - The epitome of luxury-eco accommodation

The Fairmont Mayakoba hotel boasts a unique combination of natural beauty and modern luxury; nestled amidst mangroves and lagoons, this unique hotel offers a haven for relaxation amidst unspoiled tropical nature. Guests have the opportunity to experience the historical hallmarks of the traditional Mayan culture, all whilst never straying from the high-end luxuries they expect from any destination resort.

And when we say luxury, we mean luxury. Fairmont Mayakoba enjoys an AAA-5 Diamond Rating, and its ‘Preferred by Nature’ status means the hotel is committed to upholding practices in mind which benefit people, nature, and the climate, so you can skip straight to enjoying your vacation without any consumerist guilt.

Mayakoba is located in a private gated resort community, within 240 hectares of tropical forest, and there’s plenty of space across the 45-acre site to allow for both romantic breaks, or family getaways. With all this space to enjoy, your only worry will be trying not to get lost in paradise!

Fairmont Mayakoba residences drone shotPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Beach Area Casita Suite at Fairmont Mayakoba - the perfect option for a decadent couple’s getaway. This suite is a real piece of traditional Mayan paradise, with its palm leaf roof, wooden finishes and ethereal views of the untouched water canal.

Fairmont Mayakoba Beach suitePhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba 

Beach Front Casita Suite

Fairmont Mayakoba Beach front suitePhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba


Fairmont Mayakoba’s Promise to Protecting Mother Nature:

When we said this hotel is a luxury-eco paradise, we weren’t lying. As a Rainforest Certified resort, Fairmont Mayakoba has made multiple advancements to protect nature and show their dedication to sustainability.

For example, bicycles are conveniently found at various places throughout the complex, allowing guests to explore without having to damage the landscape by using bigger vehicles. As well as this, keep a look out for the eco-conscious electric boat floating along the serene canals.

With native birds to see, and fish swimming in the clear waters, it’s not hard to understand why this resort was named ‘The Venice of the Caribbean’.

This resort is even doing its part by reforesting the Mesoamerican Reef, planting coral colonies on its beach.

If you’re looking to learn more about the incredible underwater cenotes (underground fresh water caves), you can sign up for a snorkelling or scuba diving boat ride out to the reef, and get all the info from the experts.


Tropical village paradise:

The majority of accommodation at Fairmont Mayakoba is set back from the sea (so as to achieve their promise to being ecologically sound), but this eco-paradise does enjoy an exclusive collection of exquisite seaside suites.

The 401 guest rooms at Mayakoba (including 34 suites) can be found amongst the tropical forest, encompassed by the tranquil, vast waters of the lagoons, with some private suites extending onto the pristine white sands of the beach.

The USP of this hotel shines crystal-clear again upon deciding the room setting for your magical Riviera-Mayan getaway. Guests have the option of choosing between views of the Mangrove, the Water Canal, the Garden or a Resort view. At Fairmont Mayakoba, the customer really is bestowed an abundance of choice.

Fairmont View Guest Room. With rooms featuring your very own Nespresso coffee maker, a luxurious soaking bath tub, a double vanity and a stand-alone glassed shower stall, your holiday won’t be lacking any last element of luxury.

Fairmont Mayakoba Guest roomPhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba

Fairmont Mayakoba also offers ‘Residences’, a larger accommodation with multiple bedrooms-perfect for bigger vacationing groups or families. With panoramic views of the tropical forest, an audio-video system with flat screen, and an in-house car and chauffeur to transport you and your loved ones around the Mayakoba resort community, you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy all that this resort has to offer.

Fairmont Mayakoba residence roomPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Fairmont Mayakoba residence living roomPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Fairmont Residence Outside View

Fairmont Residence Outside view

The Dining Experience:

After selecting the room setting for your Caribbean coast-line getaway, we imagine the priority coming in at a close second is the food. Because, let’s be honest, traditional Mexican food is one of the best cuisines in the world. With an impressive array of ten different on-site restaurants and bars (yep, we really did say ten) your tastebuds certainly won’t be shutting-off this vacation, and there really is an option for everyone.

For traditional Mexican dishes, think ‘Cantina Esmeralda’ for those must-have Margaritas and Mexican ‘antojitos’ (that’s like Mexican tapas to you and me), whilst we recommend visiting ‘Laguna’ for classic Mexican dishes with a contemporary twist.

Cantina Esmeralda

Cantina Esmeralda view restaurantPhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba

For guests searching for some dishes that are a bit closer to home we can suggest ‘Tauro Steakhouse’, a mouth-watering American steakhouse spot. Or there’s ‘Bassano’, the perfect option to satisfy your Italian food cravings. The restaurant is complete with a beautifully designed outdoor pizza bar and oven.

Alternatively, there’s the ‘Ki Beach Bar & Korean BBQ’ , perfect if you’re looking for some dishes that are slightly more exotic, and they pair nicely with the curated rum selection and fresh juice cocktails available for you at this beach bar.

Tauro Steakhouse

Fairmont Mayakoba Tauro SteakhousePhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba

Bassano Italian Restaurant

Bassano Italian Restaurant Fairmont MayakobaPhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba

The Itinerary:

With a grand assortment of activities both on the beach and on-land, as well as other excursions and sights-to-see outside of the resort, just how many activities can Fairmont Mayakoba offer vacationers? Spoiler alert: A LOT, in fact we haven’t actually been able to count…

With beach activities such as scuba-diving the Riviera Maya, jet skiing, sailing and yacht chartering, as well as boogie boards, paddle-boards, catamaran and kayak’s to rent out, you can really make the most of the beautiful blue Caribbean coast this holiday.

To name (just a few) of the on-land activities available to guests we have, golf at the famous ‘El Camaleón Golf Course’, tennis and padel at Mayakoba’s Racket Club, archery and volleyball. And with all this fun and adventure to remember, you’ll need to make sure your vacation snaps are on point! Add a 45-minute photoshoot with DreamArt Photography and remember your dreamy vacation at the Fairmont Mayakoba forever…

*Just so you know…‘*El Camaleón Golf Course was designed by legendary Australian golfer Greg Norman. The course made golf history in 2007 when it became the home of the Mayakoba Golf Classic, the first PGA TOUR event to be contested outside the United States and Canada. This course takes its name from the chameleon as, just like this constantly-changing animal, the course offers a diverse scope of ecosystems as it winds through the tropical Mayan jungle, the mangrove wetlands, and the Mexican Caribbean sea coastline.

Golf cours Camaleón at Fairmont MayakobaPhoto by DreamArt Photography

For guests more enticed by the pamper aspect of luxury resorts, Mayakoba’s Willow Stream Spa offers a holistic experience for the body and mind. Situated in the heart of a tropical jungle, and surrounded by natural lagoons, the signature vitality pool or sea-mineral soaking pool offer an invigorating experience for the senses. The spa’s luscious Mexican gardens and outdoor Swiss showers, as well as the practicalities of a beauty salon and the fully-equipped sports facility ‘Willow Stream Spa Fitness’, it really is the ultimate destination for all things self-care.

Fairmont Mayakoba SpaPhoto by Fairmont Mayakoba

And if you’re looking for something a little more physical, why not start your day with a bit of yoga on the beach. The perfect wellness activity, and with a view of the sunrise over the beautiful Riviera coast, this really is the perfect place to get your zen on. If getting up afterwards is a bit too much, you can also stay for a massage on the beach from the Willow Stream Spa staff. Making the most of Mayan traditions and using local herbs, extracts and essential oils, it will definitely be a unique experience to remember for a lifetime.

So, I really could ramble on about this one forever, especially with Fairmont Mayakoba’s unbelievable sum of top-quality, high end facilities, and all whilst committing to preserving our beautiful Riviera Maya home… so, erm where do I sign for my suite?

Whether you’re tempted by the array of dining options, the multitude of room options, or this hotels’ dedication to protecting Mother Nature, it’s no secret that Fairmont Mayakoba really will be the pièce de résistance of your dream vacation.

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