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Drone shoot at Solaz Los Cabos

What is Drone Technology: An Interview with our Expert

The drone revolution has taken the world of videography to new heights, and in recent years, drone technology has enabled photographers and videographers to create stunning aerial shots that would have been impossible to capture using traditional filmmaking methods.

For us at DreamArt, drone videography offers a unique opportunity to capture beautiful visuals and tell your stories in an exciting way. Offering a complete perspective and creating an emotional connection that is unique in capturing the beauty of your special-day, or the grandeur of your hotel resort.

Drone Footage by DreamArt Photography

Get to know our Drone Expert: Olivier Goarant…

Olivier our pilotPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Our in-house drone expert, Olivier, found his love for flying when he was just 20 years old, and now explains that working with drones has allowed him the perfect opportunity to combine both his passions, flying and photography.

Olivier has had his professional license in Standard drones since 2014, and in 2021 began to become a specialist in FPV drones:

“During the pandemic, when many hotels in Mexico had to shut, and many work opportunities started to diminish, I started researching FPV drones on YouTube”

And he soon became a specialist…

So, in this week’s blog post we took the initiative to really pick his brains to bring you the answers to all your drone FAQs, and to hear a little of his experience as a specialist in the field (or should we say sky?!)

Solaz Los Cabos Drone photoPhoto by DreamArt Photography

1. First of all, how can we define drones?

Before we get into the technicalities of the drone world, let’s take a minute to make sure we’re all clued up on what a drone actually is, and how they work.

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be operated by a remote controller or computer program.

Drones are used for a variety of purposes, in both professional and recreational activities. They usually consist of multiple propellers, sensors, cameras, and communications equipment, making them highly versatile machines that can be used in a variety of applications.

At DreamArt Photography, we offer a range of unique drone services that you won’t find elsewhere in Mexico. In fact, we were one of the firsts in Mexico the create content with the FVP drone, as it still remains a largely un-explored sector of the market.

2. What are the benefits of using drones? What can we use drones for?

Olivier explains that in the past, before the advancement of drones, photographers had to go to great extents and take greater risks to get the incredible panoramic shots that we can achieve so easily with modern technology. 


“Before, it was incredibly difficult to get the birds-eye-view shots. Photographers often had to rent out helicopters and take photos using a camera - something that could cost thousands and thousands. The other option was to scale mountains and buildings to get these shots, something that was also extremely complicated. When Standard drones came into play, the whole process became a lot easier for photographers and videographers. It was possible to get these wide shots, as well as mixing in close ups, a lot more easily and for only around $1k-2k. It was a much more dynamic experience, and very exciting for photographers.”

As well as this, drones offer photographers and videographers more freedom when working. Traditional photography requires a big, heavy camera and lots of equipment, as well as at least 2-3 people to help direct shots, whereas with the drone it is possible for Olivier to work alone, and create even more dynamic shots.

Beach guest drone at Marquis Los cabos in a weddingCapture from Drone Footage by DreamArt Photography

Having said that, we want to emphasize that this does not mean the drone is an easy option for holiday-makers and amateurs! Oh no. Olivier has dedicated years to his craft, and even he has had his crashes! Due to the sensitivity of the drone technology, it is difficult to control and requires years of training to be able to master. We recommend leaving it to the professionals with this one, especially the FPV drone…

3. What’s the difference between a Standard drone and a FPV drone?

To get a bit more info on the finer details of the different types of drone technology, read on…

A: The Equipment

  • Standard: remote controller (to control flight), propellers, motors, battery, camera, gimbal (a motorized mount that stabilizes the camera during flight), App/Flight Control System (used for guiding direction, setting parameters and keeping the drone within the geo-zone, the boundaries where it is permitted to fly drones where they won’t wreck havoc with any other aircraft). This drone also has a ‘return to home’ feature, meaning that if you were to lose signal, the drone will return back to the controller, meaning there is less chance of it getting lost. With this drone, the pilot is looking at the aircraft from the ground position.
  • FVP: all the features of the Standard, but a video camera is mounted on the aerial vehicle, and this camera transmits a live video to the controller on the ground. Driven using goggles, which help Olivier to really get a full perspective of the shots he is creating:

“The technology of the goggles means I can be more daring in getting those ‘dangerous shots’ near water and external objects.”

B: The Range

  • Standard: due to the large amount of sensors on the Standard drone, they have a limited range of spaces they can fly in, as they wont allow the pilot to get too close to external stimuli.
  • FVP: as FVP drones don’t come with so many built-in features and guidance (such as large amounts of safety sensors), it means they have the potential to get much closer to external stimuli, allowing incredibly cinematic shots (although there is also more chance of risk)

C: The Speed

  • Standard: depending on the type of Standard drone you opt for, the average top-speed is around 50km p/h
  • FVP: the FVP drones can go a lot faster than Standard drones. In some cases the FVP can reach up to speeds of 200km p/h

D: The Recommended Training

  • Standard: with this model being a bit more basic, competent users may only need minutes to hours of training
  • FVP: due to the complex makeup of this drone and the reduced addition of safety features, it is recommended drone pilots train for at least 50 hours on a standard drone before attempting to fly the FVP

E: The Result

  • Standard: a good option for more basic videography shots, and can also take photos unlike the FVP
  • FVP: the supreme option for high-speed, highly agile racing and creating immersive and impressive videography content due to its use of goggles, meaning pilots really can create the perfect shots

To ensure the videography and photography of all events and occasions is executed perfectly, Olivier always takes both the Standard and FPV drone to all bookings. Each drone has their advantages, the Standard can take photos, whereas the FPV can’t, and although the FPV can take stunning overhead dynamic shots, it is quite often too noisy to use at weddings, which often require more calm and tranquil shots anyway, and so don’t need the speed of the FVP.

4. So, now we’re aware of the general use of drones, what do you use drones for in your work here at DreamArt? Are there any events that drone footage is more suitable for than others?

When asked how many events Olivier has captured with his drone technology, I was met with a pensive reflection from our professional.

“It would be thousands”. He told me

Right, so drone footage really is beneficial for any type of event or location.

Olivier explained to me that drones are often useful for larger events:

“We often use drones for big weddings. They are often useful for Indian weddings, for example, as we can get incredible shots of all the guests celebrating together. We don’t tend to use FPV drone to capture footage during the ceremony, as it is too noisy, but we can use it to get some impressive shots afterwards, for example on the beach.”

Aisle drone shootCapture from Drone Footage by DreamArt Photography

When asked his favorite type of shot to do with drones at weddings, I was told it was the ‘altar shot’

“There’s one shot which I tend to do quite a lot at weddings, which is the ‘altar shot’. I programme the drone to fly down the aisle, past the guests, and go through the altar archway past the bride and groom as they are sharing their vows.”

With specialist attention, both drones can be used in harmony to create the most beautiful final product of all the memories of your special day

Drone Footage by DreamArt Photography

 aisle drone photo beach los cabosCapture from Drone Footage by DreamArt Photography


Let’s not forget the power of using drone footage to promote your hotel or advertise your event!

Olivier explains that drone footage is the perfect way to capture the whole vibe of your hotel, and an easy way to show off all the facilities and grounds of the hotel, without having to take a million photos.

Hotels that opt for drone footage to advertise their resorts can benefit from higher sales, as clients really can see everything easily in one place and much quicker, making it easier for them to come to a decision and book, before you lose their attention.

And there’s also a space for drone footage in the events market. Olivier explains once again that drone footage allows the perfect, dynamic shots to capture conferences, concerts and even golf competitions!

5. What has been your favorite use of the drone whilst working at DreamArt?

When asked his most favorite piece he has created with the drone, and although it was difficult to choose because of all the amazing drone content he has produced, this is what Olivier had to say:

“My favorite video would have to be what I filmed at the Grand Fiesta Americana, but the drone content of the Wedding at Live Aqua was also spectacular.”

We couldn’t agree more Olivier…check out this epic footage of a wedding we had the pleasure of capturing at the incredible Live Aqua resort!

It all looks pretty incredible to us, and with an expert so passionate about his work, there’s no better person to capture all the beauty of wonder of your event than DreamArt’s Drone Expert, Olivier.

Eager to get your own birds-eye view after all of that?

Want great drone content for your brand, event, or wedding? Book your drone session with us today! Get in touch

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