The Most Beautiful Photographic Experience In Luxury Hotels Worldwide

Our teams specialize in high-end Lifestyle photography sessions in five-star hotels, and also in marketing and architectural photography. We guarantees to capture the essence of the feelings and emotions of the moment through a unique experience that will last forever.

DreamArt Photography, opened its first agency in 2008 in Mexico and the second agency in Dubai in 2013.

We have permanent seasonal concessions and concessions in the following resorts:



Concept DreamArt

First class service and customer satisfaction form the basis of the DreamArt Concept. We unite a team of dedicated professionals and passionate artists from around the world with the purpose of creating a unique and special photographic experience in luxury hotels.

Our service concept is designed to ensure the most enjoyable experience. All our clients benefit from personalized attention tailored to their needs.

Years of experience of exclusive Lifestyle photography have made the DreamArt concept one of the best in the world.


Photo service in high-end Beaches guests

Our photographers are true professionals recruited from around the world and using the best professional photographic equipment.

They evolve constantly thanks to continuous training by our artistic director.

This product is always highly valued both at the level of customer satisfaction and the revenue generated in all hotels where DreamArt Photography is present.


As part of your beautiful Resort, DreamArt Photography offers an exclusive wedding photography service.

Enjoy every moment of your perfect day with the same excitement as if it was the first time, through amazing photos and videos that tell your story from all angles.

The DreamArt Photography´s style is spontaneous, luxurious and natural. And we'll make sure to capture every detail of your special day.

With an excellent level of service and the highest quality images our professional photographers and videographers are always ready to give their best and more than happy to be at your client’s side and transfer the fairytale into a timeless emotion.


A successful event is a memorable one.

DreamArt Photography offers professional event photography that is vibrant, dynamic and contemporary. Your event will come to life in bright, vivacious images giving your clients the opportunity to remember those moments for years to come.

Whether you are exchanging ideas, delivering awards or rewarding your team with an enjoyable day at the beach, we guarantee you 5 star service from beginning to end.

Resorts marketing

Exceptional Photography Service for the Marketing of your Resort

DreamArt Photography will have pleasure in providing you with the most amazing images of your resort in order to attract potential clients. Our team of professional photographers is at your disposal to provide professional images.

In addition, the majority of our clients authorize us to use their image for marketing purposes. The hotel then has all rights to these images. You can use these extraordinary Lifestyle, Wedding,Marketing and Events images for your brochures, magazines, websites,presentations


DreamArt Photography’s strength lies first and foremost in our teams, their professionalism, their experience, their generosity, their internationalism and their talent.

Each DreamArt ambassador is considered fundamental to the success of the company. In this sense DreamArt supports its employees and enables their professional development in order to bring their talent to the clients and our hotel partners.

Our photographers are true professionals recruited from around the world based on creative flair, talent and ability and using the best professional photographic equipment to ensure every client enjoys the experience of the session itself.