Fun Things to Do in Mexico This Father's Day

16 june 2022 - LIFESTYLE

Día del Padre

This Sunday, the 19th of June, is a day we are all very much looking forward to at DreamArt Photography, as Día del Padre is coming up! Father’s day is the perfect time to experience some of Mexico’s most spectacular offerings, and to treat yourselves to a very special day.

Surprise the Father of your family to one of our top suggestions for things to do this Father’s Day, so you can have a memorable bonding experience and create treasured memories for a lifetime. Between Scuba Diving, Surfing and a one of a kind day out on a Yacht, these are some of the most exciting things to do in Mexico!

Go Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Our first suggestion for incredible things to do this Father’s Day is Scuba Diving on the majestic island of Cozumel. Accessible by ferry from Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Cozumel not only sports some of the best diving in the world, but is also one of Mexico’s most beautiful Caribbean islands. After a day of scuba diving, there are also miles of untamed beaches to explore.

Cozumel is famed for its diving thanks to its bright blue water, perfect visibility, warm temperatures and intricate colorful corals. It is also known for its drift diving, akin to floating through a lazy river. Plenty of shark sightings are reported, along with all sorts of coral fish, rays, turtles and lobsters. On top of this, the conditions remain ideal almost throughout the entire year so there is never a bad time to visit Cozumel.

There are dive sites available for all levels of ability. The Chankanaab Reef is perfect for beginners, with the shallow depths ranging from 30 to 50 feet. Enjoy the mild currents here and watch out for the Cozumel Toadfish! For experienced divers, make sure to visit the Santa Rosa Wall. The depths ranging from 50 to 130 feet, this is one of the best spots to observe massive sharks and dramatic caves.

Surfing in Los Cabos

Our next suggestion for things to do in Mexico this Father’s Day is surfing in Los Cabos, in Baja California. With its desert landscapes, and warm climates, Baja California is drastically unique to the rest of Mexico. Baja California is world-renowned for its fish tacos, the perfect snack after a long day of catching waves.

Los Cabos has become a hotspot for vacationers in recent years, but the surfing is still just as good. The beaches around the downtown can sometimes get crowded, so it is best to visit with a car to get the most out of the area, and explore smaller, undiscovered surf spots. The magic of Los Cabos lies in the variety of its surf spots, and while some of these spots are found upwards of 40 minutes away, heading out to a new surfing location every day gives you an unmatched sense of freedom.

A great spot for beginners is Cerritos. Frequented by many surf schools, it is about a 45 minute drive away and makes for a great day trip. A fun spot favored by locals is Costa Azul. Acapulquito Beach, on the south side of Azul beach is great for beginners. Check out El Tule: a hidden beach by the highway going from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, this spot is great for experienced surfers

Father’s Day at Fairmont Mayakoba

If you prefer a slightly calmer day out than surfing or scuba diving, enjoy a day of friendly competition on the El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course. Designed by golfing legend, Greg Norman, El Camaleón is an 18-hole course that regularly holds PGA championships. It is located just north of Playa del Carmen along the Carretera that goes from Chetumal to Cancun.

El Camaleón is very special, as it incorporates Mexico’s distinct ecosystems into the course. The course’s hazards include cenotes and clear-water canals, and from the course you can enjoy views of the Carribean sea, dense mangroves and Quintana Roo’s Mayan jungle.

The luxury AAA 5-Diamond resort, Fairmont Mayakoba, surrounded by 240 hectares of tropical rainforet, is holding a special, discounted offer this Father’s Day. Featuring a stay in their hotel, kayaks and paddleboards, a guide meal plans and unlimited golf, this offer is sure to please any Father on Día del Padre.

Ultimate Luxury with The Yacht Experiences

Finally, indulge in one of the most luxurious suggestions on this list and explore the seas of the Riviera Maya, with The Yacht Experiences. With many carefully curated tours of different durations to choose from, ranging from 3 hours to 2 days, there is a tour to fit every occasion. Possible tours include day trips to El Cielo in Cozumel, Dive & Yacht or even Coast & Pizza. 

All tours include unlimited VIP access to the bar, including Premium International Spirits and all menu items. There is a chef onboard, offering exquisite food options and special requests are always able to be accommodated. The Yacht Experiences provide some of the most exceptional service you’ll find in the area.

In the past, we have provided our photography services onboard and had a great time holding photoshoots on the extravagant Yacht. Thanks to our extensive experience photographing clients in only the most luxurious hotels in Mexico, we are well-equipped to capture your experience and immortalize the many happy memories you will make this Father’s Day.


We Wish You a Fantastic Father’s Day!

We hope that we have provided you with wonderful ideas about how to celebrate Father’s Day this year, and from all of us at DreamArt Photography, we wish every Father around the world only the best on this special day.

To inquire about organising a Father’s Day’s photoshoot with us, whether it be in your resort or on a Yacht, please get in contact with us below. We hope to see you soon.