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Hotel Spotlight: Vidanta Riviera Maya


LOCATION: various; we’ll focus on the Riviera Maya in this spotlight

VIBE: jungle oasis

USP: home to the longest lazy river in Latin America

Vidanta Destinations have become some of the most sought-after, premier luxury resorts spanning the length of Mexico. With locations in the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Los Cabos and more, Vidanta has been cultivating and nurturing their brand for over 45 years to achieve the highest degree of excellence in hotel luxury.

And it shows. Vidanta has been recognized in over 16 awards across the luxury travel sector, hospitality industry and sustainable tourism, Vidanta strives for the best, and settles for nothing less.


An eco-conscious ethos

Vidanta resorts are born amongst the lush natural beauty of Mexico and believe it their privileged duty to conserve what lies around them. This ecological dedication has resulted in them being awarded EarthCheck Platinum Certification. Check out some of their initiatives…

Vidanta has 3 turtle sanctuaries: Riviera Maya, Nuevo Vallarta and Acapulco. They aim to protect turtle sea nests and ensure a safe journey from shore to water for hatchlings. This past year Vidanta has released 376,842 turtles into the ocean!

small turtle in the beachPhoto by Vidanta

When it comes to food sustainability, Vidanta are one step ahead of the game. They founded their own farm, Almaverde, which is based in the Nuevo Vallarta resort. The aim is to decrease their carbon footprint and reliance on airmiles and importing food from outside - to date, it yields 65 types of different fruit and vegetables which are then used throughout the year in the Vidanta kitchens for both guests and staff meals.

Vidanta fieldsPhoto by Vidanta

The Vibe

To give you an idea of just how luxurious Vidanta Riviera Maya is, there’s not just one resort, but 5, all in one place, each with a slightly different character and vibe. The Bliss, The Grand Bliss, The Grand Mayan, Mayan Palace and Grand Luxe. But with 5 luxurious locations to choose from…let’s focus on one of our favorites: Vidanta Riviera Maya.

Stretched over 1000 acres, you’ll be able to indulge in various glistening swimming pools, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course and the Riviera Maya’s resident Cirque du Soleil show, JOYÀ.

Oh and your own private jungle oasis water park…more on that later.

The Food

Let’s get down to the important stuff. When we say there’s variety. There’s variety. With almost 20 different restaurants and lounges dispersed around the property —yep…20— it really is like being in your very own beach-side micro-city…no need to even step foot outside the resort as eveything you could possibly want is a stone’s throw away. Convenient, right?

Dishes of vidantaPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Salum is a pretty cool concept. It’s a boho vibe village, Tulum inspired, situated on Vidanta’s shore where you can browse artisan goods, taste regional street foods, enjoy live music and entertainment.

Vidanta Riviera Maya RestaurantPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Vidanta Riviera Maya RestaurantPhoto by DreamArt Photography

The you have the taste-bud tantaslising Limón y Sal where you’ll have the best ceviche of your life. After something a little more authentic in a chilled, al fresco setting? Try the Tacos al Pastor at Tacos Break, a traditional Mexican restaurant located on the golf course. Do you believe in the saying ‘health is wealth’? If you’re a green juice drinker and PBJ energy ball lover, Brio Health Bar will be right up your street and a perfect place to recharge after a workout.

Balché is ideal for sun-soaking guests; the menu is pool bar vibes with burgers, club sandwiches and thick cut fries galore. This restaurant shapeshifts at night to become Frida’s, an authentic Mexican cantina with tacos, enchiladas and all the other usuals on the menu.

DID YOU KNOW? This restaurant was named after the ancient Mayans’ sacred drink, “balché.”

Vidanta Riviera Maya Bantender at La CantinaPhoto by DreamArt Photography

Brio Health Bar MUST TRY: made with pulp from the freshest mango and passion fruit and sweetened with honey, try Mango Maracuya, a super refreshing smoothie ideal for a hot day or post-workout.

We’ve mentioned only a handful of the numerous eating and drinking spots around the resort…and these were only a couple of the casual dining restaurants. There’s a whole nw world when it comes to fine dining at the resort…8 different experiences to be exact! Click here to delve deeper into the gastronomic scene at Vidanta…

Nets for romantic dinner at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Photo by DreamArt Photography



YOU MUST NOT MISS: The Joyà Dinner Experience…

Cirque du soleil experience


Take a swim on the wildside…

Jungala Aqua ExperienceJungala Aqua Experience

There are so many on- and off-resort activities available at Vidanta…far too many to name here! From poolside salsa lessons, guacamole making workshops, aqua aerobics, paddle board yoga and movie nights on the beach, Vidanta’s Joy Squad ensure you’re always on the go…if you want an action packed vacation, of course! (If you’re a stay-put-pool-lounger kind of person, that’s also totally fine!) But, if you are travelling with family, from little ones to teens to grandparents, take a look at the activity calendar to get a sense of what kind of an adventure you’re in for…

For at least one day of your vacation you MUST take advantage of the newest, boujiest adition to the Vidanta Riviera Maya resort: the Jungala Aqua Experience. The only way we can describe it is a boutique and luxurious water park oasis, nestled amongst lush flora and fauna.

Jungala waterpark drone shot at Vidanta Riviera MayaJungala Aqua Experience

You’ll feel as if you’ve teleported to the middle of the jungle. The park was designed with exactly this in mind: to showcase the sublime natural landscape of the region. Complete with park concierges, rides for all ages to enjoy, the longest lazy river in Latin America — no, we’re not exaggerating — scrumptious food, spa services and a cutting-edge wave pool with waves reaching 1.5 meters (?!) this is a day out for the sun-lovers, thrill-seekers and water babies.

If you want to take a swim on the wild side, enquire here to book a day pass to paradise…

Cruisin’ your thing? *Take a look at Vidanta Cruises, Mexico’s first ever luxury cruise line! Hop aboard Vidanta Elegant, their debut vessel, to embark on a new adventure and indulge in all the 5* services Vidanta has to offer…just out on the water!*

Mother & Daughter lying in the pier of Vidanta Riviera Maya

So, there you have it! Another incredible hotel spotlight to give you yet more vacation envy…sorry guys! Remember DreamArt are always onhand to capture you holiday memories…so, if you’re thinking Vidanta (who wouldn’t be after this?!) and you’re thinking photoshoot, contact us for more information!



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